Shelter In Place | Staying Positive

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room: there is a global pandemic and it is no fun. The way I see it though, this is not going away in two weeks and it is way too early to get down and depressed. Makeup and blogging, and blogging about makeup, can be an escape and will continue to be. Makeup kept me positive once and it will do so again, and here are a few other things keeping my chin up.

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Review | e.l.f. Daily Hydration Moisturizer

elf daily hydration moisturizer

Considering that moisturizers are an essential part of skincare and makeup routines you would think that I would have a favorite by now. I’ve tried Neutrogena, Boots, Mario Badescu, and while I have repurchased those it was more out of laziness than devotion. I have been using the e.l.f. Daily Hydration Moisturizer for sometime now, has it earned its place on my shelf though?

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It’s Been A While

My last post was a year and a week ago. I had two posts in the year before that, one talking about this blog being an outlet and how great life was. And in between those was a lot of shit, so much shit I couldn’t even come here to vent or escape. So much that I almost didn’t care for makeup, I distanced myself from people, I cried a lot. Then one day it all turned around, it was tough but things turned around. And now? Continue reading

Motivation to Chic

As much as I love being a girly-girl, I must admit that it can feel like a hassle at times. Waking up early to do my makeup or “put my face on” as I like to say, going over outfit combinations with jewelry and makeup, making sure I have something pink to wear on Wednesdays. I lose motivation sometimes, especially when I think about my job: alone in a closed office, eight hours a day, the only people I see are the cafeteria staff when I fill up my coffee cup or people refilling their water bottles in the break room.

This morning I asked myself, “Why? Why bother?” I may as well wear jeans and a hoodie like a good techie, no one would notice anyway and I’d save time in the morning.

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10 White Elephant Ideas (Under $25)

10 white elephant ideas under $25

Tis the season! For holiday parties, gift exchanges, Secret Santas for people you barely know or maybe even don’t like (let’s be honest). My office does a White Elephant at our holiday party and I thought I’d put together a list of sure-to-please gifts under $25 (that is our limit). Even if you don’t have an office party, use this as inspiration for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life. Continue reading

Review | Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum

I am big fan of Mario Badescu products, so it when I wanted to incorporate vitamin C into my skincare regime I added one from Mario Badescu. This little 1 oz bottle lasted a little over a year and that is plenty of time for me to make up my mind about it, right? Continue reading

Review | Schmidt’s Lavender and Sage Natural Deodorant

Until recently I had accepted that body odor was an undeniable fact of life. Over the years I have tried countless deodorants from the United States to Europe, Suave to Lady Speedstick to Nivea. They would work initially but eventually they would all fail and I would yet again find myself staring at the wall of deodorant at Target. But one day, one day I see a simple white tube with a name I had never heard, Schmidt’s… could Schmidt’s be it? Continue reading

Breakfast In Los Gatos | Southern Kitchen LG

I love trying new places, especially local mom and pop types. Current me shakes her head at younger, college me that frequented the national chains and ate generic franchise food, hardly worth the calories in retrospect. Today I am much more selective about where I eat and where I spend my money, away adulthood, but I am here to tell you that Southern Kitchen in Los Gatos is worth it.  Continue reading

Review | Up & Up T Plus Therapeutic Dandruff Shampoo

Few things can ruin a good hair day like dandruff. Your is cooperating, it is looking sleek, and then you spot some white flecks near the roots. The more you try to brush them out the more that appear and worse they’re falling all over your cute black blouse.

This has been my life for years but I think I finally found the product to fix this.  Continue reading