Glossary now up!

I am happy to announce that the glossary page is now up!

When I first started contemplating a blog one of the first things that came to mind was a glossary or chart with translations of common words found on beauty products. I imagined an international student going to DM by themselves for the first time looking for face wash and buying the pink bottle because it’s pretty, only to find weeks later that the pretty face wash is completely wrong for their skin. (OK, maybe I didn’t imagine it and that was me my first week in Germany…)

While some words are pretty straight forward (ex. poren, shampoo) some are less clear like “Dekorativ Kosmetik” or translate differently like “Makeup.” You might be thinking, “That’s what Google Translate is for!” And you’re right, if you have Wi-Fi or good cell reception but sometimes you don’t and sometimes you want to walk in, get what you need, and get out. If you know what you’re looking for it might be easier asking for help too.

So I hope this glossary helps you write your drugstore list and keep in mind it is a work in progress. I basically grabbed what I could find in my bathroom and picked out the keywords. If you have a suggestion or correction leave a comment!

Under Construction


Hi, I’m working on a few things already!

First and foremost I’m starting work on a dictionary/glossary type page. It’s not possible to shop for beauty products without knowing what you’re looking for, so that will be up soon-ish.

Secondly I’m drafting a few posts before I forget what’s on my mind. Shopping wise it has been a relatively busy week for me and I do have a few products to write about. The trouble is trying not to overload a single post with photos or text or my ramblings.

Third, I’m learning to use a new camera and trying to to find the best way to take photos (lighting is horrible in this house!) hence the not-so-great photo above. But it’s better than nothing!

I sure have my work cut out for me for the rest of today. Schönes wochenende!

Welcome to Moscato and Mascara!

Another girl with a beauty blog, how exciting….right?

I know, I know everyone seems to have a beauty blog these days and everyone is a “blogger” so why not just read everything that’s already out there? Simply put: I can’t and here’s why. I’m a California girl living in Germany with a basic grasp of German, so going to the drugstore to pick up even face wash is a struggle for me. If I want to read reviews of new products I have to have Google Translate open in another tab. I realized a while back, I can’t be alone. International students, au pairs, expats, tourists, there must be countless people looking for cosmetics information in English.

Thankfully, I usually have my boyfriend next to me who ever so patiently translates for me but not everyone has that advantage. So fueled by coffee, my love of makeup, constant scrolling through other beauty blogs and message boards, and a desire to help other people in my shoes here I am. I’m giving this blogging thing a shot and while it’s a daunting task I do have some ideas and I am excited.

I’m changing a lot of things around, trying to make this pretty and organized, so bear with me!