P2 Peel-Off Base Coat

P2 Peel Off Base Coat

Glitter nail polish…every girl’s nail polish frenemy. We love how it looks but absolutely hate trying to take it off. But maybe not for much longer with the new P2 Peel-Off base coat that I’m testing out today.

Peel-off base coats aren’t exactly ground breaking but they’re not common either.  I’ve read that Essence had one a few years ago which I haven’t had any luck finding and OPI has one that I’ve only seen on Amazon for about €8. For the DIY-ers I’ve also seen people use Elmer’s Glue (all purpose craft glue) mixed with water but that seems too troublesome and messy if you’re mixing it on a plate or emptying out an old bottle of polish for your new concoction. Ain’t nobody got time for that!  So you can imagine I was pretty excited when I saw P2’s version for €1.95 at DM!

P2 Peel Off Base Coat

The first thing I noticed when applying it was the smell: Elmer’s glue. Same color and consistency too. After application you need to wait until it’s dry and completely clear before applying your polish. With the OPI and glue versions it can take up to ten minutes to dry but not this stuff, my left hand was dry by the time I finished my right hand. I’m liking it already!

P2 Peel Off Base Coat

For my polish I chose “Strict” from P2’s Sand Style range. In retrospect I should have gone with Essie’s Summit Of Style because that one gives me one hell of a time during removal but there’s always next time, right? I tried to capture the texture and glitter of this polish because it is a gorgeous light purple with silver bits. You might be able to see my index finger already chipped at the tip but that’s my fault.

So far so good! I’ll have an update in a few days as to how it actually peeled off, if it did at all, and if it damaged my nails along the way. If you have any experience with peel-off base coats let me know below!



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