P2 Peel-Off Base Coat Review

P2 Peel-Off Base Coat As promised a few days ago, here are my final thoughts on the P2 Peel-Off Base Coat. Does it work? Does it save time? Effort? Is it a gimmick? Let’s find out! I was hoping to keep this manicure on for a couple of extra days but curiosity got the better of me and I started picking at it after one day. So I grabbed an orange stick and the macro lens for my iPhone (because that was easier and lighter than using my regular camera).

P2 Peel-Off Base Coat

I found that picking at the edge of the bottom of my nails was the easiest place to start. With the flat side of the orange stick down, I pushed forward or slid it side to side to push the polish up off my nail. This usually worked for about half my nail and then it wouldn’t budge. I began looking for areas where the polish was slightly lifted and began the process there again or started scratching away with my nails.

These are the areas where I may have put the base coat on thinner and maybe that’s why it wasn’t peeling off there but it was my first using this. Afterward I did a once over with polish remover on a cotton ball and here is the final result. Overall it didn’t save me any more time than using polish remover and it wasn’t peel-and-go but I prefer the picking rather than using cotton ball after cotton ball and getting polish residue all over my hands.

P2 Peel-Off Base Coat

Final thoughts? Not bad. Some parts peeled off easily in large chunks and some parts not so much. Plus it didn’t damage my nails, I mean I had tiny scratch marks from the orange stick but it didn’t peel off the top layer of my nails or anything like that. It wasn’t the miracle product I had hoped for deep down inside, but it works for me. I would’t wear this for five manicures in a row and I would be sure to use a nourishing base coat in between uses or even underneath. Better safe than sorry I always say.

If anyone has tried this or has a tip or trick for it let me know. Oh and I did see someone on Instagram use this around their nail to protect the skin during a sponge gradient manicure and then she just peeled it off. I’ll try to find that and to show you guys because it’s very unlikely I’ll do something like that. Again you can find this at DM for €1.95 and they have a great variety of base coats and polishes so check those out too!

Bis gleich!

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