Get To Know Me: TMI Tag!


Before I publish any more posts I want to introduce myself better and I thought the TMI Tag was a fun way to do it! (Also the neighbors think it’s cute to build their garage and hammer away at 7a.m.)

Year of birth?

How tall are you?
5′ 1. Basically everyone is taller than me and I have to climb on the kitchen counters to get anything.

What did you think of when you woke up this morning?

Where are you at the moment?
Living room/home office couch.


Describe yourself briefly
Californian girl that loves sports, traveling, cosmetics, a good wine and is kind of a neat freak.

Bastian Schwiensteiger + Allie = 4ever<3

What do you really want at the moment?
I wouldn’t mind laying on the beach in Capitola after eating some tacos…

What is your goal in life?
To travel and be happy. And be fabulous.

What are your fears?
Not having anyone to turn to. Not traveling. Not living life to the fullest.

Do you have your drivers license?
Mhmmm! Well my California one, don’t have a German one (yet) because that’s expensive. $$$.

Nail polish or lipstick?
Nail polish. I feel naked without it and change it like every three days.

What is your favorite season of the year?
Autumn! I grew up in a desert valley in southern California where we didn’t really have seasons haha I love the chilly weather when you can still go for a walk without twenty layers and seeing the leaves change colors.

Do you want to get married?
I just want the ring…I don’t know. Sometimes I do but I wonder if I’m being influenced by my friends who are (getting) married.

Are you a health freak?
I’d say I’m average. I like to run a few days a week and avoid fast, greasy food. I drink tons of water but I also enjoy a beer and chips when I’m watching my teams play.

What color is your hair and what length?
Dark brown and the longest layer is halfway down my back. Wait, but I just cut it! Ughhh…

Which clothes/makeup product do you really want?
A good foundation and every Makeup Revolution palette? I’ve told myself that while I’m living in Europe I should stick to European brands I can’t get as easily in the sates.

Do you have tattoos?
No sir. I don’t like anything long enough to commit to it for life.

Do you have piercings?
Three. My ear when I was a baby and my nose my freshman year of college.

Do you wear glasses?
Nope. But I did lie during an eye test in elementary school to try to get glasses.

What is your perfect pizza?
Little Cesar’s pepperoni pizza! Or Shakey’s Pizzarito, a pizza-burrito thing that I think you can only get in California, yummmmmmmm!

Favorite food/drink?
Moscato! And Coca-Cola, Starbucks’ Pike Place drip coffee, chavelas. Food…potatoes in just about any form. If I had to choose that is haha

What is your favorite perfume?

Miss Dior Cherie

Miss Dior Cherie which has sadly been discontinued. All of the tears.

What was the last thing you bought?
Night cream from DM.

What did you do at 8:00 this morning?

Favorite ice cream?
Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Are you a heavy sleeper or do you always wake up early?
This question doesn’t make sense because I can sleep through a lot (ex. California earthquakes) but I can wake up early during the warmer months when the sun comes out early.

What are your plans this year?
Too many. I always have plans of some sort haha

With how many pillow do you sleep?
One. Two if you count my boyfriend’s arm.

Are you a morning or evening person?
Hmmmm…evening? With enough coffee I can be a morning person and I really like being productive in the morning so I can have my evening to relax.

Are you organized or messy?
Organized. A flip inside of me switched all of a sudden a few years ago and now I like neatness, I like order, I like organization. I hate mess. Just ask my boyfriend who leaves cups and half finished bottles everywhere.

What do you want to see at the moment?
A job offer in my inbox.

What do you expect to have accomplished in 10 years?
In 10 years I’ll have my student loans paid off, I’ll have visited more countries, and I’ll have a job I enjoy.

Who do you miss at the moment?
My friends in general. I don’t have many friends here and I miss having people to go to brunch with, or going to a friend’s house to get my hair done or just have a cider and just talk about girly stuff.

What is your favorite body part?
Does hair count?

Are you shy?
At first because I want to get a feel for how free I can be with whoever is around me.

Do you have an accent?
I don’t think so but some people tell me I do. An Australian guy in my class once said “So you’re from California? I can tell by your accent.” I was shocked because I didn’t even say I was American! haha Californians don’t think they have accents. Oh and when I speak German, or try to, I def have an accent haha

Do you have sisters or brothers, and how old are they?
I have a half-sister and she’s 7. She’s my little brat 🙂

What does your daily life look like?

TMI tag 2

Daily life is pretty boring right now to be honest. Wake up around 9, have coffee in bed and watch two episodes of Pawn Stars, have breakfast, put my makeup on and get dressed. Sometimes I’ll go with my boyfriend to his office and hang out, watch YouTube videos, read, stroll through DM/Rossman. If I stay home I’ll catch up on some baseball or hockey games, now I work on this blog too. When he/we come home we might go for a run, have dinner, watch a game or Netflix together. Bed. Hashtag funemployment!

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