Treacle Moon Lotion and Shower Cream

Treacle Moon The Raspberry Kiss

“I think you’re nice!” Or something along those lines. Anyway, I am a sucker for pretty packaging as you will get to find out over time, so it didn’t take much to convince me to get this lotion and shower creme duo. But is it just a pretty bottle?

Let’s start with the packing: look familiar? The first time I saw Treacle Moon at the drugstore I thought they looked like Philosophy products without the Philosophy price tag. I’ve never tried Philosophy products because I find them too expensive so I can’t give you a comparison on that, sorry, but this is my second set of products from Treacle Moon. Here is a closer look, I always read it in the shower even though I don’t really know what it says. On the left is the “love whispering body milk for dry skin” and on the right is the “shower cream.”

Treacle Moon The Raspberry Kiss

These smell wonderful and refreshing, like raspberry lemonade in my opinion. The shower creme fills my bathroom with it’s scent and the lotion lingers in my bedroom after I’ve applied it. I also have a travel size lotion in One Ginger Morning and I had the Warm Cinnamon Nights set during late autumn and winter. (In fact, I still have the Warm Cinnamon Nights shower gel somewhere because you get a lot of product and I only used about half and I like to change my scents seasonally.)

I’m not sure why they’re called shower creams because they look and feel like shower gels to me and I find it a little annoying that the shower cream is 500ml while the lotion is only 350ml. I wish that were reversed because I tend to go through lotion faster, especially with this brand because their lotions are very light and thin as you can hopefully see below. I almost want to double up sometimes because they’re not as thick and creamy as my Nivea (or Jergens from the states). However, with the warmer weather I think this will be a plus as I want something that my skin will quickly absorb so I don’t feel sticky in the heat.

Treacle Moon The Raspberry Kiss

While these aren’t expensive, they’re not cheap either compared to other lotions and gels you can find at DM. This set was €6.95 but normally each product is €3.95 while DM’s own products by Balea cost €0.55 for shower gel and €1.25-1.95 for lotion and you’re getting a similar amount of product.

Something worth noting about Treacle Moon is their Khandel charity. I don’t think they mention this on the product packaging and I only came across it while researching what countries they retail in (which seems to be most of Europe and Australia and some scents are country exclusive, correct me if I’m wrong). I’m just one of those people who will spend a little extra if it means getting better service or I know my money is going toward something good.

Overall I don’t find anything extraordinary about them. They smell great, they look great, but it’s not as if you’re getting a better product for the higher price. Sometimes though, you just gotta treat yourself!

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