Current Obsession: Face Masks


Maybe “Masks and Moscato” would be a more apt blog name given my new and current obsession: face masks. I cannot get enough of these and I would use them every single day if I could. Here are the ones I’m using at the moment with some packaging translations!

Schabens und Balea Gesichtmasken

Upon the suggestion of one my favorite German YouToubers I picked up the Schaebens Erdbeer Peeling Maske for €0.69. It deep cleans your pores in three phases and gently exfoliates your skin with tiny beads and AHA fruit acids. The Schaebens “peeling” action is not to be confused with the Balea Peel-Off Maske for combination skin for €0.45. The Balea mask deep cleanses with Witch’s Hazel, a natural and strong astringent, and it’s just plain fun to peel it off your face. Or is that just me?

They each contain two 6ml and 8ml packets, respectively, each meant for a single use but I find that to be a lot of product and can usually get two uses out of each packet. Either I’m using them wrong or I have a small face, you tell me. I just find that if I use more than half the packet I have a thick layer of product on my face that isn’t fully dry even after 15 minutes, which is the max wear time, and it’s just wasted product that I don’t feel does anything for my skin. Anyway both of these can be found at DM.

CV Gesichtmasken

The next two I bought at Müller for €0.40 each and they also come in two packs containing 7.5ml each. The Cadeavera Feuchtigkeits Maske for all skin types is a moisturizing mask with fruit extract and aloe vera that I picked up because it looked cute. The Cadeavera Totes Meer Salz Maske uses kaolin (china clay used to make porcelain) and salt from the Dead Sea to deep clean pores and is also for all skin types. However, these two are meant for skin between 25 and 30 years old so I might give them away.

I’ve also used a Rival de Loop peel-off mask from Rossmann that’s not pictured. I’m really glad I bought it on super sale for €0.29 because that’s the one that made me realize (after using up both packets) that using the entire packet is not the way to go, for me at least.

I’ve only been using these for about ten days so I don’t know that I’ve seen any changes or improvements but I really enjoy slapping a mask on and sipping on some wine for the 10-15 minutes until I can wash it off. They just give me this luxurious, girly, taking-care-of-my-skin feeling I wish I could have every day but these are meant to be used 1-3 times a week.

I really do recommend trying any of these masks, as I like to say: for the price, you can’t go wrong. They’re a great, inexpensive way to fit in certain skin care aspects into your routine a couple of times a week that you don’t need on a daily basis. Plus, it adds some flexibility to your skin care routine so it doesn’t become monotonous and boring over time and a good skin care routine is paramount, but we’ll talk about that later 😉

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow me!



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