This Week At The Drugstore

Body Shop Lip Butter

This week I went to the designer outlets in Roermond, Netherlands but of course ended up at the Dutch drugstores and it was interesting comparing and contrasting them to the German drugstores. What an eyeopener, especially when it came to prices on North American (international?) brands. This is actually two weeks worth of drugstore shopping since I skipped this post last week, so please don’t think my shopping addiction is out of control. So, here we go! Continue reading

Review | Essence Lipliners

Essence Lipliners


Isn’t it strange how beauty trends come and go and come back again with a vengeance? I feel that’s what is happening with lipliners, of course I could be mistaken since I’ve never cared for them. Until recently that is when I decided to see what all the hype was about and I invested in a couple of inexpensive liners from Essence. Worth the hype or total hassle?

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Review | Rival de Loop Young Baked Highlighter

Rival de Loop Young Highlighter


Rival de Loop and their baby sister brand RL de Young are brands that don’t get too much attention, at least not that I see, and they are to Rossmann as P2 is to DM, it’s their own store makeup brand. Even though it is severely overlooked, they do have one breakout star that I mentioned in my last “This Week at the Drugstore”. Initially I liked it and after using it for over a week I’m ready to talk about it properly. Spoiler alert: I can’t get enough!

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Review | Essie Leave No Trace

Essie Leave No Trace


Recently I was at DM looking for the new Essie collection when I saw they had a new polish remover and I remembered getting a sample of it months ago. Curious as to whether the full size was worth or it not I dug up my sample and gave it a go. I had several posts planned ahead but there are so few reviews, posts and videos about this that I had to post this ASAP.

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St. Moriz and Instagram

St. Moriz Instagram

Hi again and kind of sorry for the double post but I meant to share this with you on Friday but I was so darn excited I forgot!

Anyway, St. Moriz saw and liked my posted review on their instant self tanning mousse and featured it on their Instagram page! Mentioned me name and thanked me for the review! How cool is that?!

Of all social media platforms and apps Instagram is my favorite so for them to 1) notice me and 2) give me a small shoutout on Instagram blew my mind! I was ecstatic and even did a little Ashlee Simpson hoedown jig haha

So I just wanted to share that with you, my 25 followers, because this all means so much to me that 25 people follow my little hobby and that St.Moriz liked my post. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See you tomorrow<3

Summer Polishes

Summer Polishes

Finally a nail polish post! Before I was addicted to makeup I was addicted to nail polish and my friends were shocked if I went more than four days without changing my polish and/or buying a new one. I guess you could say nail polish was my gateway cosmetic and it’s about time I post about it. Besides the weather today is so dreary, chilly and gray and we’re only a week away from June!  To brighten things up I thought I’d go through my nail polish collection and pick my favorite colors for summer. If it can’t be summer outside then I’ll make it summer in here. Continue reading

This Week From Kosmetik4Less


Happy Sunday and day after Eurovision! Today I decided to finally post my last order from Kosmetik4Less instead of what I bought at the drugstore since this order arrived a week ago. Also, this week at the drugstore was a bit boring (deodorant and face masks) apart from a lipstick. Sooo… Continue reading

Review | Essence Blush Brush

Essence Blush Brush After my success with the Essence Blending Brush I became curious about their other brushes. I was debating between the blush and the powder brush and seeing as my last blush brush was starting to feel like sweeping a broom across my cheeks, I went with this pink blush brush. The blending brush set the bar and I was truly hoping this brush would meet it. Continue reading

Review | Balea Kaltwachs Streifen

Balea Kaltwachs Streifen

Waxing is the epitome of the old saying “Pain is beauty” and it’s not a cheap habit. I worked at a salon that charged $10 for upper lips and $28 for bikini lines, if it wasn’t for the employee discount I would have gone to the nail salon at the mall instead. But I don’t work there anymore and I have some peach fuzz that needs taking care of so I picked up a pack of DIY wax strips to try. Today I have a both a review and a cautionary tale for ya’ll.  Continue reading