April Favorites

April Favorites

Happy first of May! April had many surprises for me when it came to the drugstore but the following five products stood out the most and I can’t wait anymore to share them!


I’ve been waiting to rave about this shampoo and conditioner duo. This Balea Seidenglanz Shampoo (silky shine) has given my hair a whole new life, and this is coming from someone who has tried just about every shampoo at DM. Since moving to Germany I’ve tried shampoos and products by Schwarzkopf, Suave, Garnier, Kür, Head & Shoulders, and nothing was working. I randomly picked this up at the end of March and have been in love ever since.

This duo is for damaged and dry hair with frangipani/plumeria and pearl scent that’s not overpowering but just enough. I was straightening my hair almost every day and it was dry and dull but after a week of using this my hair was soft, smooth, and shiny again. Being used to salon products I wasn’t expecting anything from them but I’m blown away and can’t wait to try other Balea shampoos. They are €0.65 each at DM.

Essence Juicy Love

Next is this Essence Color & Go nail polish in Juicy Love that I found on clearance for €0.95! It’s a bright, vibrant, warm red that leans a little bit orange and is my perfect red for summer. Unfortunately the Essence Color & Go’s have been discontinued in favor of the new Essence The Gel Nail Polish, hence why this was on clearance, but their new polishes stay pretty close to the old ones.

Essence Eye Blender Brush

The Essence Eye Blender Brush has become a daily necessity for me. It has a lavender handle with white flowers outlined on it and the brush itself is lavender with a white tip. It’s soft, fluffy, and does exactly what it’s meant for, not much else to say except that I was surprised to find a good tool from Essence for €1.49! I bought mine at Müller but it can be found at Rossmann and DM as well.

EOS and Estee Lauder

The last two are more like rediscovered items. EOS Lip Balms are some of my favorites but not easily available in Germany until recently at Douglas. At €5.99 each or €11.99 for a pack of two they are more expensive than most lip balms but they are worth it to me. I think their shape makes them harder to lose, their formula isn’t too waxy or heavy and my old EOS is probably the first ever lip balm I actually used up. That’s a feat.

Finally, the lipstick in the center is a lipstick by Estée Lauder in the shade Melon with a shimmer finish. It’s part of their permanent collection but my pink tube came from their Lily Pulitzer gift with purchase promo last year. I’ve had it for a year and thought coral just wasn’t my color but I’ve found a few outfits to wear it with this month and can’t get enough! Now, the first application looks great but reapplications reveal flakes and dryness of the lips, at least on me. I don’t know if it’s available in Germany but it’s $26 in the states.

I’m excited to see what the month of May brings, especially all the summer themed limited edition collections coming out, and hope to have a few more favorites to add to the list.

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow me!

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