Review: Essence Eyeshadows

Essence Eyeshadows

I am of the belief that you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to get good makeup and thus I’m willing to give brands like Essence a chance. A while back I found some Essence eyeshadows on sale and thought I’d give them a try since some of their other products had exceeded my expectations. Did these fall into that category or fall flat on their face?

Essence Eyeshadows

I picked up the Glam Metal Eyeshadow in Hello Goldie and a regular eyeshadow in Peach Beach on clearance for €0.95 each at Hit Markt. I think they are normally about €2, give or take, making them about as inexpensive as it gets in Germany, maybe the rest of the EU as well. Hit was making room for a boat load of new Essence products and I thought I’d pick up these two at a low price, try them out, and if I liked them I’d buy some of their new eyeshadows.

In my hasty excitement I tried them on when I got home that night and instantly knew why they were being discontinued. That pretty shimmery, satin appearance is but an overspray that gives way to bland, barely there color. Womp womp. Just by looking at them you can almost tell that they’re not pigmented but ever the optimist I kept trying them under different conditions.

On the left I have no primer and on the right is with primer (it looks dark because I made sure to slather that primer on for the shadows to stick to). The top is Hello Goldie, the bottom is Peach Beach. I found these to be sheer, powdery, and what they lacked in payoff they made up for in fallout. I tried salvaging them for my inner corner but I had to stab the pan with my brush to get anything significant out and then use a big brush to wipe away the fallout on my cheeks. Not worth the effort, I think I’ll give these to my little sister as play makeup.

Essence Eyeshadows

Of course I wasn’t expecting Peach Beach to replace MAC’s Naked Lunch but considering the quality of drugstore makeup these days (Makeup Revolution, NYX, Wet n Wild) I was hoping to find these eyeshadows good enough to at least wear on my stay-at-home days. And when you look at the Essence displays in stores, colorful with cartoon models compared to the maturer displays of Catrice and L’Oreal, it’s easy to see their target audience is tweens for whom this makeup is perfect to learn and experiment with.

All in all I’m glad I didn’t pay full price doe these. I think a product has to be pretty bad to shake my confidence in a brand, and that’s what these eyeshadows did. I really like my Essence nail polishes and mascaras but after this I’m weary of trying anything else from them which is a bummer because I see YouToubers raving about some of their other products and I want to like them too!

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