Kosmetik4Less Mini Haul

Kosmetik4Less Haul

About two months ago I found out about Kosmetik4Less, a German online makeup store based in Hamburg with a wide variety of brands and products and reasonable shipping. For the next month I compiled my first wish list and saved my loose change in my “Beauty Jar” and after hours of deliberating here are the final products I ordered. These are all European brands by the way. While I was very tempted to order some Wet n Wild items I told myself: “No! You are in Europe and will take advantage of all the European cosmetics available to you!” I do think these are also all brands from the UK and are heavily covered by UK bloggers and you can do a quick search to find a plethora of information on these.


Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 & 3

First I had to have the Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 & 3 palettes a.k.a. dupes for the Naked 1 & Naked 3 palettes that I’ve always been curious about but didn’t feel like splurging on. At €4.99 each I figured I couldn’t go wrong and to reiterate what every blog out there has already said, I was so impressed! The colors are gorgeous and wear relatively well with a primer. Some loss of shimmer, a little bit of transfer, but minor problems I can live with for the price.

I Heart Makeup I heart Chocolate

Also from Makeup Revolution was the I Heart Chocolate palette from their I Heart Makeup line. Let’s just admire the packaging for a moment….Ok, now the palette itself.

I Heart Chocolate Palette

This is a dupe for Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar and for €9.99 again I thought I couldn’t go wrong. Personally I think the packaging on this is way cuter than the Chocolate Bar’s! I’ve removed a plastic sheet with the shadow colors that lays over them, and that’s one big difference between I Heart Chocolate and the Iconic palettes: these shadows have names. As with the Iconic palettes, I’m not going to bore you with the details because they have been reviewed by everyone and their mom, I’m simply late to the party.

I will say this: if you’re interested in any Makeup Revolution/I Heart Makeup palettes, look up swatches first. The pictures on Kosmetik4Less don’t do any justice to the shimmer and metallic finishes and they look dull.

W7 Honolulu Bronzer

Next I added the W7 Honolulu Bronzer. I’ve never used bronzer before but when I heard this was a dupe for Benefit’s Hoola, I snatched it up for €3.99. The packaging is just adorable and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it came with a small brush. It’s matt, super pigmented (I mean super, use a light hand), and you get quite a bit of product with 6 grams. I’ll say it again: for the price you can’t go wrong.

Sleek Face Form in Light

Last thing I ordered was the Sleek Makeup Face Form palette in Light. This was the most expensive item at €12.99 but I had heard so much about it and I needed a highlighter and coral blush. I’ve been using the bronze shade to accentuate my cheek bones almost every day and the highlight to add a little bit of life to face after my foundation and concealer flatten me out. I am disappointed with the blush though, not so much the color or finish but the longevity or lack there of.

It’s been about two week since this all arrived and I have been obsessed. I am the type of person who can love an item so much that I rarely use it because I don’t want to use it up (looking at you MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow for €19). All of these palettes are such good quality for their price points that I don’t feel guilty using them up or experimenting with them.

While I’m glad I discovered this website my wallet is running for cover. They carry a variety of brands and shipping is incredibly cheap, if not free, even for international shipping. Here is a tip though: some brands like BH Cosmetics also sell through their own websites and always have some sort of sale going on so before you order from Kosmetik4Less check the brand’s website because you might get a better deal.

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow me!


PS. If anyone knows how many items you need for a “haul” do share!

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