Who is Max & More?

Max & More Baked Eyeyshadows

Seriously, has anyone heard of the brand “Max and More” before? I came across this brand a few weeks ago and have not been able to find much information about them save in Dutch. My German is bad enough and now I had to figure out reviews in Dutch, joy. I picked up the cheapest product and took it home to test out.

First off, apologies for yesterdays post. I published it from my iPad and the formatting disappeared. I am kind of a grammar freak so when I came home later and saw the huge blob of writing at the end I…was not happy haha. Continuing on.

Max & More Baked Eyeyshadows

I found Max & More at a discount store called Action that I sometimes walk by on my way to pick up lunch. Something about makeup at these kinds of stores (like Dollar Tree or 99cent stores) skeeves me out but my boyfriend urged me to get something and that’s how I ended up with this €1.25 quad. I forgot what the name of this quad is since I threw out the box in came in, oops. They came in a variety of colors though and there were some 28 shade palettes as well for €2.50 in different color themes. I also found NYC eyeshadow duos for about €1.50 (in really old packaging) and some of the newer Maybelline mascaras for €6-7 as opposed to €10 at DM.

So there are four baked eyeshadows that can be used dry or wet and it came with a tiny sponge applicator. These blues aren’t exactly colors I would normally wear but I reasoned I could try something new at a low cost. They swatched beautifully on my fingers, just frosty, shimmery goodness. However that didn’t transfer well on to my arm or once I tried to wear them.

Starting with the light blue and going counter clockwise, I don’t know why I did it this way.

Max & More Baked Eyeyshadows


Personally, I don’t think there is much color payoff and they were very powdery. The black packaging was covered in shimmery dust. But that’s ok because these are baked and will look better when used wet. And I am using an eye primer in both pictures.

Max & More Baked Eyeyshadows

Slightly better I’d say. I think if you pat these on to build up the color and the opacity you might have something going, otherwise this is a dud in my book. I’ve had it for almost three weeks and except for one stay-at-home-makeup day, I don’t find myself reaching for it at all. This might be something else I give to my little sister to play with.

But really, does anyone know anything about this brand? I couldn’t find much info on Google, Instagram, MakeupAlley, Reddit, nothing. So if you know something I don’t please don’t hesitate to leave it in a comment below. Thanks!

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow me!

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