This Week At The Drugstore


Happy Sunday ya’ll! And being Sunday every store is closed in Germany and I have nothing better to do than to recap my week at the drugstore, and man was it a busier week than usual for me. I guess this is a sort of “collective haul” post and a sneak peak at some possible posts to come 😉

Lately I’ve been accompanying my boyfriend to his office more often and there just happens to be a DM and a Rossmann across the street, gee how convenient. Combine that with the strange rules of my American bank account and all the gorgeous limited edition makeup collections just pouring out right now, yeah I basically have no choice but to shop. What’s a girl to do?

P2 lipstick and Balea lipbalm

Something is going on with my lips that none of my lip balms or even Vaseline can fix so I bought this Balea Intensiv lip balm for €0.85. It’s meant for dry lips and contains shea butter and argan oil and I’ve already used quite a bit.

The lipstick is a P2 Pure Color Lipstick in the color 171 Flamingo Road for €1.95. There were other pinks I liked a little more but the name reminded me of Las Vegas so I had to have it! It’s a bright, light,  bubble gummy pink color that has been on my iPhone wish list for a while now.

P2 Culture Spirit LE blushes

These are the P2 Culture Spirit LE Blend of Beauty Blushes and I managed to snag the last ones at the local one that day! The colors are 010 Soulfulness and 020 Harmony, respectively, and the were €3.95 each. I can’t wait to to do a post about these because they are to die for. Ughhh!


I finally got the Essence All About Matt! compact powder and the Alverde Rose Tinted Highlighter after having them on my “Products I should get but eh I don’t know but I know I should” list for a while. The Essence powder is €2.95 and I hear that price aside, it’s a spectacular finishing powder. The Alverde highlighter I also hear/read is pretty good and at €2.95 it’s a cheap dupe for Benefit’s High Beam.

Garnier Micellar Water

My micellar water is running low and the Garnier Micellar Water was on sale for €3.99 at Müller and I added an Essence The Gel Nail Polish in the color Brazil Jungle for €1.55. (Müller has a €5 minimum in order to use Sanifair vouchers.) I currently have the micellar water for for oily skin that I bought by mistake so this time I picked up the one for normal skin, plus the pink cap and clear bottle are cuter than the blue one.

As for the eyeshadow, I’ve had  my eye on it for a while and finally bought it. It is from  the Essence Love & Sound LE, it’s the color Make Life A Festival and I know I’ve had my trouble with their eyeshadows before but this one is so pretty and I made sure it was good before I spent €2.75 on it.


I went to Cologne on Friday and finally went inside the Kiko store after walking by it for ages. I think it’s an Italian brand and they have just about everything makeup related you can think of. I bought this eyeshadow single in the color 209 Infinity for €2.40, and it’s just the pan that I plan on putting in a DIY Z-palette eventually…but they also sell cases so you can build your own palette.

I found the blush from the Essence Love & Sound LE on sale for €1.45 when I went into a DM to pick up a new shampoo. Well I forgot to get the shampoo, oops. This blush in the color Sunset @ Center Stage looks so pretty in its mauve-to-peach ombre color but even after reading good reviews about it I wasn’t going to pay full price for it.

The Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream was free! Or will be. I’ve heard good things about it but for €9.95 I was going to pass. Wouldn’t you know I’m walking down the skin care isle at DM at I see this blue box with a bright red tag on it saying “Jetzt Gratis Testen!” which means “Test me for free!” So just have to use it for a week, send my receipt to Garnier and they send me the money back. And there are quite a few of these cash back deals at the drugstore right now and I’ll make a post about it this week.

Balea Shampoo & Conditioner

Finally, finally I got a new shampoo. I’m so impressed by Balea that I’m sticking with them, Just like the shampoo in my April favorites, this is for dry and damaged hair just in a different scent, peach and coconut, and still €0.65 each.

Like I said it was a very busy week at the drugstores for but I got some things I’ve really been wanting or needing and I got pretty good deals on them. The mall I frequent here charges €0.50 to use the restroom but you get that back in the form of a Sanifair voucher you can redeem in most stores but it’s usually one voucher per transaction. Of course I use my vouchers at DM and Müller, and shoutout to my boyfriend for getting in a separate line with my stuff so we could use the vouchers faster because we had a literal bunch of them.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed this and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Bis gleich!

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