Balea Mattierende Creme (Mattifying Cream)

Balea Mattierende Creme

I’m currently working on a skin care routine post but first I thought I’d show a product that will definitely not be mentioned in there. It’s not that it’s a bad product but it’s a product that didn’t work for me and made me take a closer look at my daily routine and actually led to my current routine. This is also the product I dropped a hint about in my P2 5 in 1 Protection + Care Base post, so without further ado!

Somehow through random blog searching I came upon the Balea Mattierende Creme and the more I searched the more positive reviews I found. Needless to say as soon as my Nivea moisturizer ran out I rushed to DM for this. It was €1.95, at least half the price of Nivea so we were off to a good start. It does come in a jar rather than a tube so beauty spatula recommended.

At first I was in love. The cream smells like nectarines to me, fresh and perfect for the upcoming warm weather. Well it certainly fulfills its mattifying claims. Actually it felt like it was sucking the moisture from my skin and I found myself applying two or three decent layers of this cream trying to get rid of the taught feeling in my skin. Combined with the P2 primer and a P2 mattifying foundation, it was too much for my face. I didn’t break out but my face was incredibly textured.

Now here is my mistake: I was trying to fix a problem I didn’t have. I thought because my T-zone was oily it warranted skin products solely for oily skin. It dawned on me what YouToubers and bloggers meant when they said “combo skin” and that that was my skin type. So I’m not terribly mad about this product fail, I mean I’m sure it does work for actual oily skin, because I learned a lot from my mistake.

I wish I could give you more information about it but I threw away the box it came in right after I bought it (another mistake I’ve learned from) but I hope someone can learn from my mistake or find this product useful for themselves.

Bis gleich!



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