Review | Essence Love & Sound LE

Essence Love & Sound LE

When Essence came out with their Love & Sound LE I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. The collection was inspired by summer music festivals but looking at the display and the press materials it looked more like it was inspired by the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival a.k.a. Coachella a.k.a. Chella a.k.a. one of the most annoying times of year for me. Why? Because I actually grew up in the Coachella Valley and have watched the festival evolve into the monstrosity that it is today (and yes, I am grumpy about all the traffic caused by festival going hipsters).

However I did purchase a few items from the collection and thought I’d share them with you now that they are on clearance in most stores.

Essence Love & Sound eyeshadow

This is one of the three eyeshadows in 02 Make Life A Festival, it’s described as an apricot color with a shimmer pearl finish, but the color looks more pink to me. I love shimmery pink eyeshadows, they are my weakness, I would wear them every day, I can’t have enough. But I’d been burned my Essence eyeshadows and even though I swatched this shadow every time I saw it I held back and told myself I’d wait for it to go on sale. And I waited and waited and nothing and finally took the plunge and bought it for €2.75, only to find it half off a week later in Cologne.

It definitely needs a primer and I would not suggest using it wet even though it is baked. I tried using it wet and that decreased the color payoff plus it creased horribly on me. Still a pretty color and you get a decent amount, 1.5g so just a little more than a MAC shadow for comparison.

Although I’m on the fence about Essence lipsticks, I was drawn by one of the lipsticks in the color 02 Glastonberry. I’d been searching for a nude lipstick and this one fit the bill. It was the same price as the regular Essence lipsticks, €2.25, and at least I could say I had a limited edition lipstick. To me it looks like a…plum nude? Basically it’s a nude with some color and not a nude-matches-your-skin-nude color because I’m not about that. It has a matt finish with a formula that doesn’t dry out my lips entirely and can be reapplied no problem.


Essence Love & Sound LE swatches

Just when I was ready to write this post I found the 01 Sunset @ Center Stage blush on sale for €1.45 and thought: 1) it’s gotten decent reviews and 2) it looks pretty and for that price I can afford to have it just for the pretty gradient look. At 7.8g it wasn’t a bad deal. BUT look at this:

Essence 01 sunset @ center stage

One swipe of the brush and look at all that powder. Whether I’m swiping across the entire thing to blend the mauve, pink, and peach colors or I’m going for a single color, the blush tends to crumble and I get a pile of powder. Besides that I think the colors are very pretty, I was missing a peachy-orangey blush, and they wear pretty well. Definitely glad I didn’t pay full price, €2.95, though.

Anyway, I know this collection came out a while ago but now you can find some of these items in your drugstore clearance bin and if the clearance prices aren’t enough to sway you maybe this post shed some light on these products. Also, the collection that followed this one is the Secret Party LE and that one doesn’t look very promising to me, opinions?

Bis gleich!



4 thoughts on “Review | Essence Love & Sound LE

  1. The colors are pretty, but I find inspired collections odd sometimes. Like, how are these colors different from regular, every day products, you know?


    • So true with this collection. These baked shadows are different I think but everything else did look like their every day products but repackaged.
      This packaging isn’t even that amazing though haha


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