This Week At The Drugstore

Essence Nail Polish

Another week another collective haul. I must say though, I had quite a bit of self control, nonetheless here was my week at the drugstore.

The polishes above are: 01 The Glass Slipper, 04 Watch Out Lady Tremaine!, and 103 Space Queen. The first two are from the Essence Cinderella LE and the latter is from the discontinued Colour & Go polishes. I already tried using Watch Out Lady Tremaine! and it bubbled so bad, I think I’ll just use it for nail art and accents. At least I found them all for €0.95 each.


On the left is the Rival de Young Baked Highlighter in 01 Moon Dust and let’s just say I can’t wait to write about it. It was €2.79 at Rossmann.

Next to it is the Catrice All Around Concealer, it was €3.49 at DM. I had a small pimple at the very top of my cheek that’s turned into a stubborn blemish, hence I decided to give color correcting a go. We’ll see how it works.

At the bottom is the XXXL Essence Longlasting Lipgloss in Velvet Rose. I’ve been curious about these, the ones with the “matt effect” in particular, and bought it my grocery store for €2.29. This was a pressure buy after I didn’t let my boyfriend buy me a highlighter at DM and he was pressuring me to not leave the store empty handed, so I ran and grabbed this. Yay!


Lastly I finally bought a new hand cream for my purse, the Balea Handcreme in Liebestraum for €0.95. Cheaper and lighter than my Nivea tin can, and prettier too. Speaking of skin care, I actually bought the DontoDent Pink Grapefruit Mundspülung (mouthwash) for a foot soak to replace the pedicures I can’t get here (tears). I don’t remember the price but I know it wasn’t more than €1.

I may or may not have a few more things but they deserve their own post 😉 And since I had so much self control this week and Rossmann is having some good deals this week….well I might be busy the next few days. What did you guys buy this week?

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow!

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