Review | Essence Blush Brush

Essence Blush Brush After my success with the Essence Blending Brush I became curious about their other brushes. I was debating between the blush and the powder brush and seeing as my last blush brush was starting to feel like sweeping a broom across my cheeks, I went with this pink blush brush. The blending brush set the bar and I was truly hoping this brush would meet it. I was unable to properly photograph the blending brush in it’s entirety but the blush brush can give you a good idea of what it looked it. All of the Essence brushes have handles in soft yet bright pastel-like colors with bristles to match. They also have a floral design on the handles so they really stand out against the sea of plain black handled makeup brushes.

Essence Blush Brush

The bristles aren’t densely packed so it is a bit fluffy, fluffier than I would like it to be considering it’s angled. I find that because it is fluffy and wide it was harder to get a precise application of blush on my cheeks and sometimes I would accidentally end up with blush below the apples of my cheeks. However that width or length with the angle I think could be good to pull blush up toward the hair line, if you can get the brush to deposit the blush on your skin.

Personally, I had a hard time getting the blush from the brush to my cheek. Maybe I was doing something wrong but I was going into my blush three or four times before I saw anything on my cheeks. I didn’t think anything of it, I just figured certain blushes (I was using new blushes) were just very light and didn’t show up on my skin as well, NC35 for reference. Still, I decided to use it with my Catrice Defining Blush in Rose Royce, a very pigmented blush that only requires one dab of the brush and a quick sweep on the cheeks. Same story as before. I don’t know if it’s just too fluffy or strangely shaped to pick up blush or if I’m just using it wrong.

Essence Blush Brush

Anyway, because of it’s angle I figured I could probably keep using it to contour and it sort of worked. Again, the fluff was preventing me from getting a precise application and I had bronzer all over the sides of my face. The trick, for me at least, is to use just the edges of the brush. That is, to dip the brush at a 45° angle and not straight down so you only get product on the edges which allows for a more precise line and then use the whole brush to blend.

So I’d say it wasn’t a total loss, I mean it was only €2.49 at DM and it looks pretty. Maybe it didn’t work for my blush but it certainly has it’s uses. I’ve gone back to my old blush brush which has been working wonderfully since I shampooed and conditioned it haha. And to reiterate, maybe I was using it wrong and if I was feel free to tell me!

Any drugstore brushes you recommend?

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