This Week From Kosmetik4Less


Happy Sunday and day after Eurovision! Today I decided to finally post my last order from Kosmetik4Less instead of what I bought at the drugstore since this order arrived a week ago. Also, this week at the drugstore was a bit boring (deodorant and face masks) apart from a lipstick. Sooo…

I Heart Makeup Paris Palette

I wasn’t going to order anything for a while but they had free shipping for Father’s Day and I took advantage of it. I emptied the €12 from my beauty jar and did a quick search on some of the I Heart Makeup palettes. Of which I bought two, specifically the I Heart Obsession palettes.

The palette shown above is the I Heart Obsession palette in Paris and the palette below is the I Heart Obsession Wild Is The Wind palette. They both contain 10 eye shadows in matte and shimmer finishes and only cost €4.95 each. They contain 17g of product, so 1.7g of each shadow which is more than the average Makeup Revolution/I Heart Makeup shadows and to put it in perspective: MAC eye shadows contain 1.5g.

wild wind palette

Unfortunately, these don’t come with a built in mirror and do come with the double ended sponge applicators. One more thing, the case isn’t as wide as the Makeup Revolution Redemption palettes so you can’t fit an eye shadow brush in them to replace the sponge applicator for traveling. Still, very pretty and inexpensive palettes.

Makeup Revolution Blush Now!

This is the Makeup Revolution blush in Now! I’m not the best with colors but I would describe it as a plain pink that almost looks matt but does have a tiny but of shimmer. You get 3.4g for €1.49, which is a great deal if you ask me. I mean I was looking at the Max Factor Cream Puff Blushes but they’re at least €8 and contain less than half of this blush. So that was that was an easy choice.

Oh but these aren’t for me so I won’t be swatching these any time soon. I actually bought these for my mom, it’s not much but even if I could afford Sephora we don’t have any Germany.

Sleek Makeup Del Mar Vol2

However, as I did this sitting next to my boyfriend he wasn’t about to let me place an order without getting something for me. I have read so much about the Sleek Makeup i-Divine palettes and I just happened to have one on my wishlist so I added the Del Mar Volume II palette. I know some of the shadow’s names aren’t visible but I’ll have a review of this palette in a week or two.

The colors in here just scream “Cocktails by the beach!” And while pastel purple and bright yellow may not be my usual colors, it will be fun trying new looks. It does include a mirror which I covered here with the box the palette comes in and it was €9.90. Also, I’m currently a sucker for anything limited edition. Oops.

Sleek Makeup i-Divine Del Mar Volume II


Maybe because I live four hours away from the Kosmetik4Less store, but I received my order within days. I placed my order Wednesday 14, practically the 15th which was a holiday, and my order arrived Saturday 17. Weirdly enough I didn’t get a tracking code until Monday haha. I think if it hadn’t been for the holiday I would have received it on Friday.

Speaking of holidays, tomorrow is a holiday too and I may or may not have time to post. If you have experience with any of the above products let me know and as always don’t forget to follow!

Bis gleich!

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