Summer Polishes

Summer Polishes

Finally a nail polish post! Before I was addicted to makeup I was addicted to nail polish and my friends were shocked if I went more than four days without changing my polish and/or buying a new one. I guess you could say nail polish was my gateway cosmetic and it’s about time I post about it. Besides the weather today is so dreary, chilly and gray and we’re only a week away from June!  To brighten things up I thought I’d go through my nail polish collection and pick my favorite colors for summer. If it can’t be summer outside then I’ll make it summer in here.

Summer Polishes5

Preppy Pink by NYC is one of my all-time favorite nail colors. It’s a bright bubble gum, Barbie pink that only cost me $0.99 at Target. I think NYC polishes have a good formula and a decent choice of bright colors and if you can get your hands on them I’d highly recommend it. The green polish is Pretty Edgy by Essie and to me it’s a true green. Not a neon green, forest green, mint green, just green. One of Essie’s better formulas in my opinion but I haven’t seen it in the drugstores here. It would probably be €7.99.

Summer Polishes3

On the left is 109 Off To Miami! by Essence, a coral that wears much more vibrant than it looks in the bottle. Sadly this line has been discontinued but I’m sure there are stores that still have some of the Colour & Go polishes at a reduced price and the new The Gel Nail Polish line should have a comparable color.

On the right is 100 Precious by P2, a gold sand style polish that I actually think can be worn most of the year. It’s gold, it’s textured, it’s glittery and I like wearing it on it’s own or as an accent nail. This gold pairs so well with so many other colors and it was only €1.95 at DM. I would recommend any of the P2 Sand Style polishes really.

Summer Polishes2

More green! For something ridiculously bright and almost neon there’s 138 L.O.L. I mean this polish is bright and the first time I wore it I knew it would reserved for summer and probably just on my toes. The teal on the right is 179 Roller Coaster and although you can’t quite see it there is very, very fine shimmer in there. It’s a dark teal that yet again, after wearing it once I knew it was going to be a go to polish this summer.

As for availability, see the above polishes.

Summer Polishes4


The final green is 26 Brazil Jungle from the new line of Essence nail polishes. It’s not as dark as Pretty Edgy but not as blinding as L.O.L. It’s €1.65 at any drugstore and I’m probably going to wear it next. I mentioned 187 Juicy Love in my April favorites and it is a vibrant red, not like Christmas or autumn reds that are deeper and vampy.

And those are the colors I’ll be sporting all summer to keep it light and bright in this overcast weather. What are you’re favorite polishes for summer? Leave them below 🙂

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