Review | Essie Leave No Trace

Essie Leave No Trace


Recently I was at DM looking for the new Essie collection when I saw they had a new polish remover and I remembered getting a sample of it months ago. Curious as to whether the full size was worth or it not I dug up my sample and gave it a go. I had several posts planned ahead but there are so few reviews, posts and videos about this that I had to post this ASAP.

Back in December I bought this little duo from DM: it is a top coat in Summit of Style and a sample size of the Leave No Trace Glitter Nail Polish Remover for like €8. The gel remover piqued my interest as would anything that promises to make glitter nail polish removal less of a pain. When I first got it I could not find a single bit of information about it, not even on Essie’s own website. Currently I can’t find it on their English site but it is on the German site.

Leave No Trace Glitter Nail Polish Remover

It’s a scrub-in gel formula, light purple in color with tiny beads.  The instructions say to add a pea sized amount to your nails (each nail?), leave for 30 seconds, and rub and the glitter should come off. It has a strong nail salon chemical odor but that might be because I’ve had mine since December. The big bottle now being sold contains 120ml and is €9.95 on Amazon, so it should be about the same at the drugstore.


This is my nails with Summit of Style over NYC‘s Preppy Pink. I figured using Summit of Style was appropriate since it was the one in the duo pack and it is a real pain to remove.


This is after using Leave No Trace. Three times. I used it as directed and you know that feeling of getting half removed polish on your skin? Yeah, so I grabbed a cotton pad and started rubbing with it and when not much was happening I put some of the gel on the cotton pad and kept scrubbing. I ended up getting regular polish remover and an orange stick to finish off the job.

Normally I give products multiple chances (ahem…P2 5 in 1 Primer) but this one is clear as day, it sucks. No, it doesn’t even suck it fails. It saved me no time or hassle and it stank. I’ll stick to the P2 Peel-Off Base Coat and I would advise you to do so as well. I am a big fan of Essie and have defended their formulas multiple times, but this time I can not.

Sorry for the negative review and sorry for the noisy pictures, I was sitting in bed when I decided to get up and get this review done. Of course if you had a better experience with Leave No Trace please let me know below!

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