Review | Rival de Loop Young Baked Highlighter

Rival de Loop Young Highlighter


Rival de Loop and their baby sister brand RL de Young are brands that don’t get too much attention, at least not that I see, and they are to Rossmann as P2 is to DM, it’s their own store makeup brand. Even though it is severely overlooked, they do have one breakout star that I mentioned in my last “This Week at the Drugstore”. Initially I liked it and after using it for over a week I’m ready to talk about it properly. Spoiler alert: I can’t get enough!

This is the RL de Young Baked Highlighter in 01 Moon Stone. I don’t know why it has a number, it’s their only highlighter both in their more mature Rival de Loop brand and the Young brand. The packaging is basic, cheap clear plastic with silver text that has already begun to wear off. It closes pretty securely but I can tell with time it won’t and I’m scared the back hinges will break if I carry this with me.

Rival de Loop Young Baked Highlighter


Packaging aside, it is absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t buy it for the longest time because every review I read said it was too pink, it was pink toned, it was pink for a highlighter blah blah. Which is true, it is pink but  who said highlighters should only be gold? It’s like saying, “That blush is too peachy-orange and that one is too fuchsia-purple.” Who said blush has to be strictly pink? But I digress.

Rival de Loop Young Baked Highlighter

Look at this sheen, it would make Young Wild and Polished proud. It has this silvery-pink sheen that gives an ethereal glow, like you really did eat a moon stone. I made the mistake of applying this willy-nilly one day and when I stepped into the light I was glo-ho-ho-wing. A little goes a long way and I strongly suggest applying this highlighter in a well lit area or you’ll look like you did eat five moon stones.

But the best part? It contains 13g and only costs €2.79 at Rossmann. That is a massive bang for your buck and that much product is going to last forever! Let me put it this way: I had one of those $2 blushes from e.l.f. and used it daily for at least a year and a half (before I realized it was OK to have more than one blush), it had 6g and I barely hit pan after that year and a half. And I think you use more blush than highlighter daily plus this is beautiful to look at.

If you can get your hands on this I recommend it over and over again. And if you know of any drugstore, highlighter gems or even more standout products from this brand let me know below.

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7 thoughts on “Review | Rival de Loop Young Baked Highlighter

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  4. I have this one too but i have a problem. When I put it on my arm it looks just like you have shown but when I put it on my face I see nothing. Absolutely nothing. 😦


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