Review | Essence Lipliners

Essence Lipliners


Isn’t it strange how beauty trends come and go and come back again with a vengeance? I feel that’s what is happening with lipliners, of course I could be mistaken since I’ve never cared for them. Until recently that is when I decided to see what all the hype was about and I invested in a couple of inexpensive liners from Essence. Worth the hype or total hassle?

I remember lipliners in the 90’s and that’s probably what scared me away from them. Growing up in Southern California I was/am all too aware of “chola lips” (Google it, I dare you) and that is one look I never wanted to try. I also remember playing with my mom’s makeup and my shaky, uncoordinated little hands getting lipliner everywhere but my lips. You see why I was so hesitant?

Essence Lipliners

This last month I took the plunge as I had read a few good reviews about these and at €0.95 each there wasn’t too much to lose. I started with the two on the left: Honey Berry and Femme Fatale. They are a deep berry-purple and bright red respectively and I thought they could help me with a couple of my more troublesome lipsticks, like my bright reds or hot pinks with which I struggle to get a clean line or an even application on the cupid’s bow,

With almost no expectations, I found them to be quite soft, smooth, a tiny bit creamy and very pigmented, especially for being wooden pencils, I guess I had expected them to feel like No.2 pencils. Still, I was so skeptical I didn’t pay attention to the results for the first couple of weeks other than providing a clean outline for lipsticks.

Essence Lipliners

From left to right: 14 Femme Fatale, 08 Red Blush, 15 Honey Berry, 12 Wish Me A Rose, 11 In The Nude, 07 Cute Pink. I have six of the nine colors plus 13 Transparent, I do wish there were a few more though.

Clearly I’ve learned to appreciate them. Using them to line my lips before applying MAC Red has helped tremendously in the way it looks, the way it wears, and my confidence in wearing it. I used to worry that everyone was going to see the uneveness and now it’s like coloring inside the lines. I’ve also noticed a significant improvement in wear time almost every time I use these: drinking water, talking, even having lunch. Sure my lipstick doesn’t completely stay put but it requires less touch up.

So not only am I a believer in lipliners now, but there is yet another tally on the TOPS side of my Essence TOPS & FLOPS list. I can see myself being loyal to these particular lipliners for a long, long time. 

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