This Week At The Drugstore

Body Shop Lip Butter

This week I went to the designer outlets in Roermond, Netherlands but of course ended up at the Dutch drugstores and it was interesting comparing and contrasting them to the German drugstores. What an eyeopener, especially when it came to prices on North American (international?) brands. This is actually two weeks worth of drugstore shopping since I skipped this post last week, so please don’t think my shopping addiction is out of control. So, here we go!

First, it’s almost 10 p.m. here and much later than when I usually try to have posts up but I was out of town this weekend and didn’t bring my laptop, but darn it was I going to have this post up on Sunday! So apologies for that but anyway… At the actual outlets I only cared about The Body Shop and they had so much stuff! Somehow I restrained myself and only walked out with the Vineyard Peach Body Mist for €5 and a Lip Butter in mango for €2.50.


Then I walked into town to find the Dutch drugstores, Etos and Kruidvat. Ummm, Kruidvat carried NYC and seriously expensive North American brands. They had their own house brand items but not their own makeup line and they had Mayeblline, L’Oreal, and Rimmel for at least twice the price I would pay at Target. Etos had their own makeup brand which I still found expensive compared to P2 (DM’s house brand) but not much else.

I wasn’t completely disappointed however, I did pick up one item from each store/brand. From Etos I picked up their Shower Gel in Bamboo Green Tea which I actually think smells like cactus pears and reminds me home. The packaging looks much nicer than the €1.49 I paid for it. And at Kruidvat I picked up their Sensitive 0% Micellar Water 3 in 1. Micellar water has been a game changer for me so I did a quick Google search and I think Dutch bloggers were saying good things about it so I picked it up for €2.49.

W7 Lip Paints

I found a store called Big Bazar and it’s kind of like a Dollar Tree, Action type store that I really want to visit again. They had these small Vaseline tins that I wish had bought more of, silly my! Three years ago whilst waiting in line at Primark I picked up a blue tin of this for £1 and it was the only lip balm I used until it ran out. That is saying something. I’ve seen them around but they cost €2-3 and I’m not down for that.

Toward the end there was a messy, cluttered wall of makeup, mostly a brand I’ve never heard of called “Perfect Touch”, I think. There were  some W7 products scattered about, including these Lip Paint: The Art of Gloss that I jumped on because I’ve never seen W7 products in stores.

Oh and each of these items was only €0.99 each!

SuperSize False Lash Look Mascara

Back in Germany, I bought a few new things and stocked up on a few others. Currently they have three types of Manhattan mascaras in two packs, buy one get one free, so I bought the SuperSize False Lash Look Mascara for €5.45. My cuticles needed some serious loving so I picked up the Essence Moisturizing Cuticle Cream for €2.95 and a P2 Pure Color Lipstick in Sunset Strip for €1.95, just for fun.

Balea Gesicht Maske

Face masks because they’re fun and cheap, €0.45-0.55.

Balea Roll On Deo

This may be weird but I am stocking up on these Balea Deo Roll-Ons. Ya’ll I have tried every brand of deodorant from Lady Speed Stick to Donna Karan and the one that I have been loyal too for the last four years is the Nivea roll on one. When I visited Europe or Mexico I would buy enough of those to last me until my next visit and they were never more than €2. Well out of curiosity I tried the Balea ones from DM and they have replaced Nivea. Not that they are better, they’re about the same to me, but these are only €0.55! They work for me, they fit in my purse, won’t melt when it gets hot, they’re cheap and they’re cute.


I also got this Essence lipstick in the shade Coral Calling at Kruidvat for €2.29, it’s just a color I was missing. And not from the drugstore, but I finished an Ikea candle, cleaned it out, and I’m now using it to store my lipgloss. I use empty candle jars for a lot of storage: lip gloss, chapsticks, brushes, etc. And now, the grand finale….

Catrice and P2

The Kaviar Gauche for Catrice Blurring Powder Pearls! I bought it for the packaging to be honest haha. I mean the pearls are nice too but if it wasn’t for the packaging sweetening the deal I probably would not have bought them even though they were €4.45 and not the €8 I thought they would be. And the P2 Beauty Goes Safari Savanna Sunset Duo Blush in 020 Summerly Rush. I also have it the other blush in 010 Sunny Reflection, they were €3.75 each and will try to have that review up soon.

I will try to get reviews up as soon as possible, limited edition items have priority, and I have some ideas for posts that I am really excited about it!

What did you buy this week that you’re excited about?

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow!


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