Vacation Time

Hi all you beautiful people!

Just want to tell you that I may not be posting like I regularly do for this week and next. I’m going out of town the next four days and then there are some big changes happening that I need to focus on. I will try to post here and there but no guarantees.

In the meantime please feel free to leave me some feedback (I’m working on a logo/header) or comments or anything.

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Review | Sleek i-Divine Del Mar Vol II Palette

Del Mar Vol II

Since I was unable to post yesterday I will be completely upfront with you today and start by saying that I am disappointed in this palette. I bought into a hype that I did not research and I am now trying so hard to like this product and to make it work because the eyeshadows within look so pretty and darn it I paid for this thing. What gives? Continue reading

This Week At The Drugstore


Hi followers! Time for my Sunday post, for which I thought I wouldn’t have much material but the shopaholic in me proved me wrong. I was at home watching Netflix and baseball almost all week however I managed to go to go to the store a couple times, you know to keep my sanity. There is one product in here I forgot to include last Sunday but otherwise I hope you had a more exciting week than me and here we go!
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Review | Kaviar Gauche for Catrice Blurring Powder Pearls

Kaviar Gauche for Catrice LE Blurring Powder Pearls

You may have seen this product on my Sunday post a couple of weeks back and it’s time to share it with you. Although I am crazy about it, ya’ll know I like a pretty package, I wanted to test it, use it a few times, gather my thoughts, and let my immediate infatuation pass so as not to gush for 500 plus words. However, I think the following pictures will speak for themselves. Continue reading

Review | P2 Pure Color Lipsticks

P2 lipstick

In a recent empties video Tati, GlamLifeGuru, mentioned a P2 lipstick. She isn’t always a hit with me but when she mentioned P2, a brand that can only be found in Germany (or surrounding countries with DMs), I was stupidly excited. I already owned one of their lipsticks but after that video I decided to try a couple more. If you follow “This Week At The Drugstore” you know I’ve had these for a few weeks; I gave myself time to really test them and I can finally share them with you!

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My Travel Makeup | From Makeup Revolution to MAC

Travel Makeup

Last weekend I went out of town for my boyfriend’s work and any time I pack for small trips the hardest part is usually my makeup bag. Which eyeshadows are most versatile to suit different outfits? Which blush will accommodate those eyeshadows? Which products are the most hassle free? Which products are the least bulky?

Here is the makeup bag I came up with, not just for that trip but for any upcoming summer getaway. Continue reading

This Week At The Drugstore



Happy first week of June! The sun came out, I wore shorts outside, I wore flip flops outside, and I survived yet another public holiday. Combine that with some of the discounts I found this week and I’d say it was a good one. Plus, I found an old chocolate container to toss all my weekly purchases and keep track of them, and possibly to remind me to slow down. Let’s see what is in it!


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May Favorites

May Favorites

I finally had time to put together my May 2015 favorites! I was out of town this weekend and blogging from my boyfriend’s office so I didn’t have time to take pictures until now. Even though I bought many new products in May and I have enjoyed them, there are only a few that I have really used enough to comfortably include here. These are the products that made a difference in my May!

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Review | Catrice Allround Concealer

Catrice Allround Concealer Let’s take a break from blush and talk about color correcting. A few weeks ago I had a tiny, minuscule pimple on the top of my cheek that turned into a red spot that refused to go away and I thought if there were ever a time to try color correcting, that was it. I looked at the drugstore options and settled on the Catrice Allround Concealer and put it up against my Manhattan Wake Up Concealer. I’ll try by best not to turn this into a rant. Continue reading