Review | P2 Culture & Spirit LE Blushes

P2 Culture & Spirit LE Blushes


P2 currently has not one, not two, but three limited edition collections out, some of which impressed me more than the others (P2 and other cosmetic brands). The first one I want to talk about is the Culture & Spirit LE, specifically the “blend of beauty blushes”, as this collection is entering its second and last month.

As far as limited editions go, currently P2 has the best collections with the widest variety of products in each. The Culture & Spirit LE for alone has blushes, lipsticks, nail polish, eyeshadows, highlighter, kohl eyeliners, and a bit of jewelry. Basically triple the selection of Cactrice’s collections.



The items that stood out most for me from this collection were the baked blend of beauty blushes. Actually, these stood out to everyone as I managed to snag the last two at one DM and haven’t seen them in stock since (two or three weeks). While I’m still debating if I should get the highlighter or one of the eyeshadows, I knew that if I didn’t get these I’d be kicking myself forever. The packing, gold bottom and clear lid with pink text, is beautiful and just enough for these blushes that could speak for themselves. Baked golden swirls, dome shape, gold base. A wonderful blush that doubles as a decorative piece.

Above is 010 Soulfulness and below is 020 Harmony.

P2 Culture & Spirit LE Blushes

These puppies are pigmented, I think Harmony more so than Soulfulness just because it is a darker color. Some blushes I have to swirl my brush in or jab them with my brush but with these just a quick tap was almost enough for both cheeks. I did not expect these to be sooo pigmented and the first time I used Harmony I had a circle of blush on my cheek that I had to blend out, so a light hand when applying is definitely advised.

P2 Culture & Spirit LE Blushes

I’m working on my swatch game but left to right: Soulfulness, Harmony. I would say a peachy, golden pink and a golden burnt orange. They have a luminous shimmer that gives you a glowy and not glittery finish that will last almost all day if not all day. I absolutely love these blushes and even thought about buying backups if I could find them.

Thankfully, I don’t need backups because each blush contains a whopping 10g for only €3.95. The Catrice Defining Blush is 4.5g and €3.49. And I’m not trying to knock Catrice down because they do make some great products, its just a popular brand that is easy to use as a comparison. Trust me, if I could I would buy every one of their blushes.

If you can get your hands on these I strongly recommend it. This collection will be in stores until the end of this month, June 30, and I have a feeling that these will go down in P2 LE history and P2 lore. And if you can’t find the blush, the collection has beautiful eyeshadows and a bright gold highlighter that also caught my eye and they would look equally beautiful adorning any beauty station.

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