Review | Catrice Allround Concealer

Catrice Allround Concealer Let’s take a break from blush and talk about color correcting. A few weeks ago I had a tiny, minuscule pimple on the top of my cheek that turned into a red spot that refused to go away and I thought if there were ever a time to try color correcting, that was it. I looked at the drugstore options and settled on the Catrice Allround Concealer and put it up against my Manhattan Wake Up Concealer. I’ll try by best not to turn this into a rant. Catrice Allround Concealer

Although I only needed a green concealer I chose this multi-colored palette because I saw it is a sampler plate of concealers. I could try red for under my eyes and have different skin colored concealers for different seasons. All in one, easy for travel, cool.

First thing to notice once you get past the name (Allround not All Around): the consistency is very creamy. That on my fingertip was a single dab of the medium skin tone. I can see the creasing already.

Catrice Allround Concealer

Second thing: finger prints and lint. As with any cream product in a pan or pot, you are bound to get lint and tiny fibers in there no matter how careful you are. Doesn’t matter if you use a beauty spatula, fingers, or a brush this will happen. The consistency is so creamy it’s difficult to get the dirt out without wasting a significant amount of product. Perhaps something I can look past, if it works.

Before I show you the concealer in action there are a few things to note. The green concealer is the brightest, greenest concealer out there compared to other brands. I’m going to focus in the red concealer but I did use the green one as well.

no CC

As you can see I don’t really have dark circles and that redness is actually a little more purple in person. I also have some redness on my cheeks. I’m wearing mascara to look awake but nothing else: no primer, foundation, or photoshop (eek!).

red cc

Left: red concealer and foundation. Right: foundation only.

You can also see some redness on my cheeks gone compared to the photo above, that is where I used the green concealer.

red cc+manhattan

Left: red concealer and foundation. Right: foundation and Manhattan Wake Up Concealer.

  • I can see some redness from the concealer peeking out from under my foundation on the left.
  • Both concealers crease, Catrice more than Manhattan because it is much creamier.
  • I would probably apply my regular concealer over the red to even my skin tone.
  • Catrice concealer gives me a pink undertone.
  • The green concealer works great.

Overall I’d say I want my €3.49 back and I’ll be sticking with my Manhattan concealer. The concealers are just too creamy and crease too much. If you use them on a flat area, like cheeks, they work fine but under the eyes, lower lip or forehead they look hideous. Not to mention that the red concealer would correct better if it was a lighter, more salmon type shade.

The cons far outweigh the pros and if I still have to use my regular concealer on top, it’s just too much on my face and defeats the original purpose. What do you think?

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