May Favorites

May Favorites

I finally had time to put together my May 2015 favorites! I was out of town this weekend and blogging from my boyfriend’s office so I didn’t have time to take pictures until now. Even though I bought many new products in May and I have enjoyed them, there are only a few that I have really used enough to comfortably include here. These are the products that made a difference in my May!

Essence Lipliners

Is it any surprise that these are in here? The Essence lipliners have changed my lipstick game for the better and they are totally inexpensive. Even if I had the money to spend on MAC lipliners I honestly don’t think I would. Lipliners can be used up pretty quickly and I’m not going to spend €16 every month or two months to replace a pencil, it’s not foundation for goodness sake, when I can get these for less than €1.

May fave 2

The Schwarzkopf Glis Kur Hair Repair spray was a savior this month. I’ve had it since November and have struggled to use it up since I didn’t see it make any difference. Last month though I had to use Head & Shoulders for about two weeks, and it’s only a shampoo, no conditioner, so my hair felt like straw. It was not cute. I randomly spritzed a bit of this stuff and bam! Disney princess smooth hair.

The bottle in the middle is a body spray from Bath & Body Works, one of my favorite stores, in the scent Into The Wild. I’ve had this for almost three years now and I use it very sparingly because it is discontinued, womp womp. I can’t describe how it smells because nostalgia smells differently to everyone. It reminds me of fun summer nights at the beach or drive-in with my room mates (who also had this) and I wish I had stocked up since they were only like $4 each. Kicking myself.

And the St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse of course.  It doesn’t look or feel like summer is coming to Germany (I wore a pullover yesterday), May was full of rainy days, and thus I have resorted to self tanning. St. Moriz is so easy to use, natural looking, and inexpensive. Certainly lives up to the hype.

may favesss

From the last three I’m not going to talk about the RL de Young Baked Highlighter because I did a full review last month. It’s gorgeous, I can’t stop looking at it, I want it all over my face. ‘Nuff said.

The Balea Intensiv lip balm met my needs and more. It almost compares to my EOS lip balms in that it does not feel heavy, it does not feel waxy, it smells wonderful, and it is a decent base for lipsticks. It is still a little bit waxy compared to EOS but not as much as my Aveo lip balm from Müller or even the Chapstick brand. €0.85 well spent.

Last but not least, the I Heart Chocolate palette from I Heart Makeup. You guys, you know I adore the packaging but these eyeshadows are just wow. Pigmented, buttery, shimmery without chunks of glitter, gorgeous! Some of these can be worn on their own which I love because sometimes I don’t have the time or energy to do my crease and my lid and my outer V etc etc. And all those browns! I had just started to pull myself away from using mostly coppers and browns but this palette pulls me back in. Someone remind me I have other palettes to use this month haha.

I feel like I may be forgetting something…oh well, more for June faves!

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow!


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    • The Makeup Revolution website and have pretty reasonable international shipping 🙂
      I want the White Chocolate palette just to have both, even though that one is like ALL neutrals haha

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