This Week At The Drugstore



Happy first week of June! The sun came out, I wore shorts outside, I wore flip flops outside, and I survived yet another public holiday. Combine that with some of the discounts I found this week and I’d say it was a good one. Plus, I found an old chocolate container to toss all my weekly purchases and keep track of them, and possibly to remind me to slow down. Let’s see what is in it!


Schaebens and Aveo

Surprise, surprise I got more face masks! I was looking for Cadeavera masks from the under 25 age range at Müller and found the Schaebens masks on sale instead. I picked up one Erdbeer Peeling Maske and one Luxus Maske for €0.49 each. Granted I only saved six cents on each but it was still a savings and I cannot get enough face masks. The Aveo Lippenpflege was an impulse buy and I would return it if €0.50 didn’t seem so petty. Darn!

Essence I Love Extreme Mascara

On to Rossmann where they were having a 30% off all mascaras sale. It’s the second time in as many months that they’ve done this and I always tell myself I’m going to stock up even though I have six mascaras in reserve. So I think I did good by only picking up one tube of the Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara. The normal price is €2.75 and I paid €1.92 for this mascara that is one of my favorites. Review maybe?

My blush obsession continues with this RL de Young Mono Rouge in Rose Wood for €1.99. It photographed quite pink but really it’s a rosy mauve color that was missing from my collection. Perhaps P2 or Catrice had a blush like this but I wanted to give this brand a try since it’s not one that I see reviewed often.


Speaking of things that were missing, I bought the P2 Sunshine Mosaic Bronzing Powder in the shade 010 Tahiti Paradise for €3.45. I’m not going to go into detail about it yet, saving that for a review, but its a shimmery bronzer that I am learning to use. I am very new to the world of bronzers so any tips would be appreciated!

And another Balea deodorant for €0.55, the stock up continues.

P2 Holi Beauty Festival Blush Stick

Last but not least and coming to a review pronto: the P2 Holi Beauty Festival Happy Karma Blush Sticks. These are part of the Holi Beauty Festival LE and they were €2.95 each. There are three colors available and I got Goldish and Orangey, both of which I’ve been trying since I got them so I could get a review up this week as this collection won’t be available for much longer. I’ve never used blush sticks before, let alone blush in these colors, but we all know what I sucker I am for drugstore LE collections.

I’m always excited about the new products I buy but this week a little more so. Sadly I tend to get into makeup ruts using the same colors, the same products, the same looks and some of the products I bought this week are a little out of my comfort zone/rut. If this happens to you, let me know what you do to change it up!

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow!


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