My Travel Makeup | From Makeup Revolution to MAC

Travel Makeup

Last weekend I went out of town for my boyfriend’s work and any time I pack for small trips the hardest part is usually my makeup bag. Which eyeshadows are most versatile to suit different outfits? Which blush will accommodate those eyeshadows? Which products are the most hassle free? Which products are the least bulky?

Here is the makeup bag I came up with, not just for that trip but for any upcoming summer getaway.

MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation

The first thing I put in my little bag was my MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation, my holy-grail-why-did-I-ever-stop-using-you foundation. If you don’t have a lot of time and are traveling light, Studio Fix is convenient and hassle free. Since it’s not a liquid foundation there’s no worries of it spilling or being allowed on your carry-on by airport security. It is super quick and easy to apply, plus the compact comes with a mirror inside.

I use the sponge it comes with, the brush is for the fixing powder, and this alone is the biggest time saver of all these products. No soaking and squeezing damp beauty sponges, no pumps, no blending, no hassle.

The Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder…not sure why I packed it actually. Oh and everything goes in this PINK by Victoria’s Secret bag that a friend gave to me for my birthday years ago.

travel 4

Mascara, concealer, primer, lipstick; in no particular order of importance.

The Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara was my obvious choice to pack. I’ve had this specific tube for a few months so by now the formula is not too wet and just dry enough that I can apply it relatively quickly and go. When I’m traveling I don’t have the time to do multiple coats and comb through my lashes and yaddi yadda.

Concealer and eyeshadow primer aren’t must haves in my opinion, especially if you only have a carry on. The Manhattan Wake Up Concealer is a brightening one that I do use under my eyes for that kind of highlighted look, plus covering up a small spot here and there. The Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base, because if you’re going to be out all day you want your eyeshadow to stay pretty and put. (I wouldn’t recommend this one per se, but I have it so might as well use it up.) And an Essence lipstick in Coral Calling. I felt this lipstick looked good with most of the outfits I packed.

Now the stars of the show.

Sleek Face Form Palette in Light

Let me first say: palettes are travel lifesavers! And space savers.

I haven’t talked about the Sleek Face Form palette because I’m on and off with it but when it comes to travel I am on it. A year ago I would have packed a bronzer, a blush, and a highlighter, all separately. Now I will be packing this little guy and saving a lot of space. Ok, I might need to pack a less summery blush in the winter time but for summer this is all I need in my bag.

By the way, lasting power is alright, but the palette is so sleek and has a good mirror that I would carry this in my purse anyway so longevity and touchups are no issue for me.

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3

Once again, instead of packing a pink and a brown and a gold and a transition and a smoky, all in individual and bulky eyeshadow cases that I had to dig around for, I now reach in and grab the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette. This palette lends itself for so many looks and many of the colors can be used on their own to save time.

Where there used to be a double ended sponge applicator I have fit: a regular eyeshadow brush, a spoolie brush, and a small angled brush. So handy and compact. Sorry Sleek eyeshadow palettes, but for this reason Makeup Revolution palettes will be the ones traveling with me.

I forgot to show my MAC eyeshadow in Brun, which I use to fill in my eyebrows with the small angled brush, but this is my traveling makeup bag. This group of products is more time and space effective than my everyday makeup routine and in retrospect there are items I could do without to travel even lighter.


What’s in your travel bag this summer?

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow!

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