Review | P2 Holi Beauty Festival LE Happy Karma Blush Sticks

P2 Holi Beauty Festival Happy Karma Blush Sticks

Woah, what a mouthful of a name huh? I bought these early last week and put them to immediate use so I get a review of sorts up pronto because these will only be on sale for one more week. So without further ado…

P2 Holi Beauty Festival Happy Karma Blush Sticks

These are from the third P2 LE collection currently out: Holi Beauty Festival, on sale until June 17. The other two are: Beauty Goes Safari and Spirit & Culture. As with those two, I only bought the blushes from this collection which included eyeshadow pigments, lipgloss, and nail polish. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a blush junkie at the moment but these were also the only items that said, “Buy me!”

As you can see the packaging isn’t much to look at. The clear, plastic caps feel like they could easily come off so I won’t be carrying these around with me.

P2 Holi Beauty Festival Happy Karma Blush Sticks

There are three colors available, swatched from top to bottom: 020 Orangey, 030 Pinky, and 010 Goldish. I swatched them to show up strong but they sheer out so lovely. Orangey and Goldish look to have a bit of shimmer but it’s not overwhelming.

2015-05-20 15.25.13

Goldish looked similar to the Beauty Goes Safari Bronzing Chubby sticks, which I want but not €4.75 want. I swatched them at the store all together, from top to bottom: Happy Karma Blush in 010 Goldish, Beauty Goes Safari bronzing sticks in 010 Sahara and 020 Savannah. Goldish is close but not really. Darn.

P2 Holi Beauty Festival Happy Karma Blush Sticks

I have the colors Goldish and Orangey, two colors that I don’t have anything close to and that you don’t see everyday. I liked Pinky but pink blushes are the most common and so easy to find hence I skipped on it, for now…

They twist up like giant chapsticks and they wiggle a little in their tubes. Look at the one on the left, Orangey, and see the dented line on it? Even though they are solid cream sticks they’re not 100% stiff like lipsticks so you have to be really careful when using them that they don’t rub up against the tube.

They way I use them is by rubbing my finger on the flat top of it and patting it on my cheeks. Not too much pressure because then I have an almost opaque blob that’s not fun to blend out (and will probably move my foundation around) but not too light. Just tap-tap-tap-tap-tap it around and it blends while I apply. If blush sticks or cream blushes seem intimidating, MakeupByTiffanyD has a good video on how to apply them. I saw these, liked them, but was scared so I went home and found her video which gave me the confidence to try them.

I’ve only had these over a week but so far I really do like them. Honestly after using these I can’t wait to try more cream and stick blushes. These have 5.5g of product for €2.95 each. I would put these above the Beauty Goes Safari blushes and up there with the Spirit & Culture blushes and I say get at least one if you can. P2 certainly did a good job here, again.

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow!

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