This Week At The Drugstore


Hi followers! Time for my Sunday post, for which I thought I wouldn’t have much material but the shopaholic in me proved me wrong. I was at home watching Netflix and baseball almost all week however I managed to go to go to the store a couple times, you know to keep my sanity. There is one product in here I forgot to include last Sunday but otherwise I hope you had a more exciting week than me and here we go!

Balea und Rival de Loop gesichtmaske

Let me get this one out of the way: face masks. A Balea Erdbeer Milchprotein Maske (strawberry milk protein mask) and a Rival de Loop Revital Q10 Maske for anti-aging. Rival de Loop masks were on sale at Rossmann for €0.29 and Q10 seems to be the new thing in skin care so I said why not.

Quite frankly this brand does not impress me at all whether it’s their skin care products or their makeup but for 30 cents what the hey.

I picked up this nail polish in the color 31 Magic Dream for €1.39, it is from RL de Young (younger sister of Rival de Loop) but it is a color I don’t have in my polish collection and I’ve had decent luck with their polishes in the past. A reminder: this brand is exclusive to Rossmann.

While at Rossmann I somehow found a remnant from the Love & Sound LE from Essence. This is one of three eyeshadows from the collection in the color 01 Glastonberry, and as you can see I snagged it for €0.95. I have 02 Make Life A Festival, here, which I found to be decent and this one looks like it might be even better.

At DM I picked up another P2 Pure Color Lipstick in the color 105 Bondi Beach. It’s a pink lipstick, my favorite color for lipstick apparently, that I can’t stop wearing! Review on that soon…

The Essence pencil is an eyeliner in the color 08 Teddy. I wanted a plain brown liner and I got a metallic-y brown liner — good thing it was less than €1.

Not from the drugstore is the Kiko eyeshadow I picked up in Cologne last Saturday but forgot about. Every time I go into that store they never have the two eyeshadows I want and I was not walking out empty handed this time. Hence I bought this eyeshadow in the nameless color 102 for €2.90. If it has a name then I totally missed it, sorry. What I do know is that this is the über pigmented gold I’ve been lusting after.

As always I have saved the best for last, which in this case is my new addiction: highlighters. They also happen to be the two products that have been on my wish list for weeks and I finally caved. Oops

On the left is the Neo-Ethnic Gold Highlighter from the P2 Spirit & Culture LE. It’s the only highlighter in this collection and the color is 010 Luxury. I came to the realization that if I did not buy this I would regret it later on. And I was not going to kick myself over €3.75, no siree!

The highlighter on the left is the Alverde Sun Kissed Highlighter, the bronzed version of my Rose Tinted Highlighter. This product is not limited edition, costs €2.95, and can be found exclusively at DM. I’ve used it once already and I’m tempted to get backups in case it ever gets discontinued, and I’ll leave it at that until I review it.

Whats new at your drugstore? What should I review first? And what blogs do you recommend? After being home all week I realized I don’t subscribe to enough people.

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow!


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