Review | Sleek i-Divine Del Mar Vol II Palette

Del Mar Vol II

Since I was unable to post yesterday I will be completely upfront with you today and start by saying that I am disappointed in this palette. I bought into a hype that I did not research and I am now trying so hard to like this product and to make it work because the eyeshadows within look so pretty and darn it I paid for this thing. What gives?

Del Mar Vol II

*Please note that I used this palette for an entire week and a handful of times before that in order to get a good feel for it and write about my extended observations with a variety of looks.

This is the Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palette in Del Mar Vol II, it cost €9.90 on, and it is limited edition. It contains twelve eyeshadows, a mix of matts and pastels and shimmers, each containing 1.1g of product and a big mirror. I took out the double ended sponge applicator, which I do use, simply because when I opened the palette the applicator would fall back and roll onto the shadows.

I have heard and read so many good things about Sleek eyeshadow palettes, and Sleek products in general, so when I had the opportunity to order one of their palettes I jumped on this one. It’s limited edition, it comes in a box that reminds me of summer evening’s in Newport Beach, and it screamed summer.

Del Mar Vol II

For some reason I keep expecting Sleek palettes to be bigger than they actually are. To help you avoid that, I have here the Del Mar Vol II palette held up against one of the Makeup Revolution Iconic palettes for a size comparison.

Very sleek. However, I wish it was a little wider to fit in a multi-tasking eyeshadow brush for travel like the Iconic palette but I can still manage to fit in a tool or two. So far so good, right?

L to R top: Loco, San Antonio, Ibiza Rocks, Zoola, Pura Vida, Spotlight
Bottom: Pearl, Ushuala, Puro, Bora Bora, Ocean Beach, Siesta

Del Mar Vol II swatches

The eyeshadows swatch well for the most part and give me a cocktail craving. I know my swatches aren’t the best however I feel that they are more or less representative of how they show up on my eyelids. They are bright and colorful in their pans but that does not translate to pigmentation on the lids. Cough Puro cough Spotlight cough.

To my displeasure they do not wear well. Loco, San Antonio and Zoola – I had high hopes for you. Pearl you ain’t innocent either, with your chunky glitters and what’s the opposite of a buttery texture? The matts have a better by the way. I wear a primer under these and because of the texture I press these onto my lid and pack them on to 1) build up color and 2) avoid chunky, glittery fallout. Lasting power is minimal and oh goodness the creasing!

Am I doing something wrong? Is it me and not the palette itself? Maybe I need a better primer but that won’t take away from my disappointment or expectations. I plan on giving Sleek eyeshadow palettes another chance and to keep using this one, though there will be more skepticism than enthusiasm. Thoughts?

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