Review | Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks

Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks

I am back to blogging! My apologies for the nearly two week pause, I was traveling and I was moving and I am still getting everything together again and posts will be sporadic until I can get back on a regular posting schedule.

To get started again I’m sharing with you my thoughts on these lovely lipsticks. If you don’t recognize the packaging, they are the Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks and to my big surprise, they are great!These lipsticks can be found at any drugstore for €2.25, sometimes a few cents more, but they certainly feel better than two euros. The packaging is black plastic with a colored band in the middle that corresponds with the color inside. The tube in the middle is from their Love & Sound LE, hence the different color. When it comes to lipstick, packaging is not a big deal to me so long as it isn’t too cheap, but I do enjoy the simple, elegant, and recognizable design of these.

Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks


From left to right I have the colors: 01 Coral Calling, 02 Glastonberry (limited edition), and 13 Love Me. I’ve spoken about Glastonberry before, Love Me seems to be a fan favorite because it’s the perfect bright-but-not-too-bright and perfect-for-any-occassion pink, while Coral Calling is a true coral color.

Love Me was the first one I picked up months ago and I was reluctant to like it. After my experience with the eyeshadows I was beyond skeptical of the lipstick and it didn’t help that my lips were going through a rough time with the German winter. I kept seeing it on Instagram and other blogs, beloved by so many yet I could not get the same results. Maybe because I was trying to apply it over 20 layers of Vaseline for my winter ravaged lips, oops!

Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks

From left to right: Love Me, Glastonberry, Coral Calling.

Fast forward to March and Love Me proved me wrong so I bought another, and another. These are some of the creamiest, smoothest lipsticks I have tried. Unlike some of the P2 lipsticks, these don’t emphasize any dryness or problem areas I might be having that day. They wear comfortably, with or without a lipliner or lip balm, and don’t dry out my lips. The color range isn’t too shabby either, and for the price these are a steal!

In a nutshell: major hit from Essence. I highly recommend these, probably over the P2 lipsticks even though these don’t fade as nicely as those do. What colors do you recommend?

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3 thoughts on “Review | Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks

  1. These are the best colors! So pretty and such great colors for summer! I hope your vacation was amazing and I wish you the best of luck with unpacking after your move. I just moved a couple of months ago and it was ROUGH.


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