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Thank you Brianna from Online Beauty Finds for the nominations for these. I finally got around to it! It seems she and I have a similar taste for makeup, and we both like a good deal. Her blog is growing fast and I would nominate her back if that was allowed 🙂

This may not be a review or a haul but it’s a chance to know a little more about bloggers and even to find new blogs. All of my nominees will be listed at the bottom. So onto the first award: The Beauty Blogger.

The Rules:

  • Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Answer the questions given to you by the lovely that nominated you.
  • Nominate other bloggers and get them to answer your own questions!

My answers:

1) What is your favorite part of applying makeup?

The Me time. Taking time out of my day for just me and my makeup.

2) Do you feel that without makeup you lack self-esteem? If so, why?

I’d say I lack confidence. A makeup-less face doesn’t make me feel bad about myself but I do feel less ready to take on the day or to run into an old acquaintance.

3) What is your favorite thing about blogging?

So many things! It’s a great feeling getting a like or a new follower because that is a person who likes what you have to say. Surprisingly, blogging and actually writing down my thoughts on products helps me form a clearer. And interacting with other bloggers, I don’t have many friends in Germany to talk to about my new lipstick or new item so it’s nice to see others get as excited as I do over makeup.

4) Name or describe your favorite lipstick color. (Add a picture if possible)

This is tough because I just started using more lipstick but I’d have to say Nouveau Pink from Wet n’ Wild. Here is a blog post I just found about it. It doesn’t feel like a $1 drugstore lipstick and it’s bright and fun!

5) If you had to recommend only one beauty product to someone, what would it be?

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Spray! I tell everyone to use it and I even used it as an example during my interview at my salon job. It’s like $30 USD but it does everything and it’s a world of a difference when I don’t use it. Best best best product!

My questions:

What makeup product could you not live without?

Powder or liquid foundation?

What’s your at-home pamper routine?

What was the last makeup item you bought?

Favorite drugstore brand?


My answers:

How many people have you told about your blog that you know in real life; not online?

I’ve told three people (not counting the two that my boyfriend told). This blog is my hobby, my place to stay sane, and it’s mostly European makeup so I haven’t bothered to tell many people.

How many foundations do you currently own?

Three. MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation, Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation Powder, P2 Ultra Matt 24 Hour Foundation

What is your favorite eye shadow color? (Add a picture if possible)

Expensive Pink by MAC!

On a daily basis how much time do you spend doing your makeup?

Currently: one hour to 90 minutes. I watch Youtube videos while I do my makeup and I have the time but as soon as I start working again I can cut it down to 20-30 minutes.

What is your favorite makeup brush?

My Target plain eyeshadow brush. I’ve had since before the Target brand became Up & Up so at least 2008? It hasn’t shed or fallen apart and does a great job. I can do just about anything with it.

When you walk in a drugstore looking for makeup which brand do you check out first?

Here in Germany it’s probably P2 or Essence.

What was your first makeup product?

Probably a clear mascara/eyebrow gel from Jane Cosmetics that my mom bought me so I wouldn’t wear real makeup haha

Do you regularly or have you ever self-tanned?

I’ve self-tanned a few times with St Moriz, but only recently.

How do you feel about over-drawn lips?

If you can pull it off, go for it.

Do you contour on a daily basis?

Nope. It’s not for an everyday look and I just bronze during the summer.

My questions:

Who is your favorite YouTouber?

What is your favorite beauty brand?

What is your favorite store to shop at?

How old were you when you became really interested in makeup?

Lipliner or nah?

I nominate: 

Vogue Infatuation

Pores For Thoughts

The Wherewithals

With All My Affection

All Things Lacquer

Southern Girl Blogs (I’m getting to your award nomination soon!)


Bis gleich!

4 thoughts on “Awards | Beauty Blogger & Infinity Dreams

  1. Vielen dank für die Nominierung! (Entschuldigung, mein Deutsch ist nicht wirklich gut haha)
    You really should talk more about your blog in real life, it is so beautiful and you put so much effort into it! And congratulations for your nominations ❤


    • My German is no better haha I think I will talk about it more and maybe start an Instagram account for it, before I just wasn’t sure how serious I would get about it but I love it now!


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