This Week At The Drugstore


My Sunday post is back! And really behind! This Sunday haul is actually from two, three weeks ago? So more like Three Weeks Ago At The Drugstore but bear with me as I play catch up. Nothing but deals and discounts, my favorite D words, in this post that I shamelessly tracked down. Just wait until you see the last item!

Manhattan Cosmetics Blush

Just when I thought I could put my blush addiction aside I found these. That particular week all Manhattan makeup was 20% off at Rossmann and I had been curious about their blushes. I picked up two in the colors 39W Golden Brown, which I think is really more of a bronzer, and 53N Fresh Peach.

Normal price is €2.49 and with the discount they came out to €1.96 each. Rossmann does this every few weeks and I advise to keep an eye out.


That week my July issue of VOGUE arrived and it came with this small bottle of nail polish! It’s an Essie polish in the color Watermelon. You would think that was the highlight of this photo for me but it’s actually the Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in the color Sunset Peach. A whole year in Germany and I finally found Wet n Wild in a grocery store ten minutes, in a direction that I never go and apparently in another state. More about that later but this lipstick was €1.49, not bad.

Essence #SecretParty LE

These are the two that I shamelessly tracked down. Through browsing on Instagram I saw that Rossmann had the Essence #SecretParty LE on clearance, everything for €0.95! What was left anyway. The massive kabuki brush I actually found at DM randomly and amazingly also for €0.95! The eyeshadow is in the color 01 Glow Of My Life and has a cute flamingo imprint in it.

And there’s one more! (Also found at Rossmann.)

Essence #SecretParty LE

The Essence #SecretParty LE Bronzing Powder in 01 Glow Of My Life! Seems like Essence needs to hire a new product naming team… As much as I had my eye on this I never bought it because there was no tester and I was afraid it wouldn’t show up on my skin. But for under a euro I stopped caring and basically bought it as a decoration item. Look at those flip flops!

If this posts with multiple blank spaces and underlines it’s because I wrote this without the products in front of me and was unable to get internet again to fill in the names, but check back in a few days!

What have you guys bought lately? I can’t wait until next Sunday to share some amazing finds 😉

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow!



5 thoughts on “This Week At The Drugstore

    • Where are you from? I noticed that Essence releases LEs later in some countries or not at all (looking at you with an angry face U.S.) haha
      But yes…I bought it for the cuteness! Haha

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