This MONTH At The Drugstore



Good afternoon and I hope you’ve had your coffee and breakfast because this is going to be a long one! Since I hate playing catch up, I’ve decided to do a collective haul of everything I’ve bought and received over the last four weeks. My weekday posts are still sporadic, made small progress toward getting internet at home, but you can still count on my Sunday post!

I wanted to do an update post but haven’t had the time or energy but now I have to do it within this post in order to explain some of the products that I’m going to mention. Today and going forward you’ll be seeing a lot of non-German and very North American products because I no longer live in Germany. Remember when I said I was moving? I am back in my native California shopping at my native Target. But trust me, when I see a new, must-have product on Instagram I call my boyfriend to go to DM and pick it up for me. So that’s that.

ELF primer and tinted moisturizer

I do miss the German drugstore but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see some familiar brands at Target. Case in point: E.L.F. The first things I had to pick up from them were their Eyeshadow Lock Eyelid Primer for $2 and their Tinted Moisturizer for $3. Foundation seemed to heavy for the California heat and I just don’t get BB, CC, DD, blah blah creams.


I’m also trying to build my makeup brush inventory and bought this Eye Crease Brush for $1. Gotta love E.L.F.’s prices and quality. But how was I going to clean them in this California draught?! I don’t want to not clean my brushes yet washing them weekly seems like such a waste of precious water right now. Dilemma solved, hopefully, with E.L.F.’s Daily Brush Cleaner for $3.


I’ve never used falsies but it’s never too late to try. For $1 I thought this Natural Lash Kit would be good pair of starter lashes.


Next is Wet n Wild, a brand whose lipsticks I cannot praise enough and a brand that luckily is usually Buy 1 get 1 50% at drugstores. Even though I had just found this brand in Germany, I decided to hold off then because it didn’t make sense to me buying an American brand in Germany.


Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail polishes have long been favorites of mine for their color range and price. On the right is Yo Soy and since they were BOGO I bought a matt top coat, normal price is $0.99 at Target (a bit higher at Walgreens and CVs probably).


Their lipsticks are the star of the Wet n Wild show if you ask me. Pictured at the top is 15 Minutes Aflame and below is Will You Be With Me? These are also $0.99 but sure don’t feel like it! While looking up the name of the lighter shade on the Walgreens website I saw that these are 3 for $2….self control Allie, self control…


I hope Wet n Wild never gets rid of their signature swirl embossing, it’s so WnW! On the left is their Color Icon Blusher Pressed Powder in Pearlescent Pink which Emily Noel says is a dupe for a Tarte blush. I had a $3 coupon for CVS so I grabbed it for $3.19; practically free. On the left is  the Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Nutty, a dupe for MAC’s Satin Taupe or so I hear. Normal price is $0.99 but the Walgreens near my work had it on clearance for $0.49. Woot!


Boring but I needed a pencil sharpener and I picked up this pink Sally Girl sharpener from Sally’s Beauty for around $1.29, before I saw a better one from E.L.F. down the street at Target. Oh well.

Having some time to kill before work I went to a Big Lots and found this Maybelline product for $1.50. It had no name, color name or description so if you know what it’s called please tell me in the comments below!


How about some free stuff?

The women in my family are constantly buying things without reviewing them or buying things for fun, and then passing them on to each other when they decide they’re no good for them or realize they never used them. And that is how I ended up with the Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner pen, the double ended Estée Lauder lipgloss above it, and the Estée Lauder lipgloss-concealer duo above that. The last two came free with purchase, so no harm done if no one likes them.


And finally these hand-me downs from my mom that maybe ya’ll can help me use?

As usual I’m writing from Starbucks this do not have these on me to read the names or descriptions for you. However, I do understand that the Bare Minerals container on the left is some sort of highlighter? My mom didn’t get it, didn’t like it and I never get anything from Bare Minerals so I have no clue. Next to it is Benefit’s Dandelion that might be a blush but might also be a highlighter? My mom received it as a point perk from Sephora, carried it in her makeup bag, didn’t care for it and gave it to me. How do you use it?

Of course after I took all these photos I realized I missed an item or two. Of course leaving Germany was not easy but just as makeup helped me when I was there, it’s helping now that I’m here. I’d even say it’s a better comfort than food because it doesn’t add 5,000 calories a day like carne asada fries would, which actually sound really good right now…self control Allie, self control…

Anyway, I hope I provided you with some good Sunday reading. Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow!

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