Review | E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner

E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleanser

If you haven’t heard yet, my home state of California is going through a “crippling, historic” drought that is forcing us to change all of our water related habits. While I was in Germany this draught was always in the back of my mind and once I knew I had to come home I started thinking of ways I could cut back my own water usage. One of those being the way in which I wash my makeup brushes. Luckily for me, E.L.F. might have the answer.

E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleanser

Behold the E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner! Recently E.L.F. has expanded their availability to CVS and Walgreen’s so you can find this little black bottle at just about any makeup section.

I bought mine at Target with apprehension and high hopes. I have not had the best luck with sprays of any kind from this brand but I was hoping to turn that around with this spray. You see, all my life I have been terrible about washing my brushes so imagine my pride earlier this year when I got in the habit of washing my brushes every Sunday. Only to be stripped of that habit upon arrival in California. I am taking this draught very seriously and although washing brushes regularly is hygienic, it becomes trivial in the face of what is going on.

E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleanser

Anyway, I didn’t mean to take such a serious tone there. The cleansing spray comes in a small black bottle with white writing and a spray pump. On their website (because I tossed the box) they claim that it cleans brushes and kills bacteria, and only has three ingredients: alcohol denat., water, and perfume.

To use it I spray a brush, or a bundle of small brushes, a couple of times and then wipe them on a cloth or paper towel. While I cannot vouch for the bacteria killing properties (how do I test that? I don’t have a microscope) I can say that I was quite pleased with its cleaning abilities. It didn’t clean my brushes 100% but I could see a big difference in my blush and bronzing brushes (both have white bristles). Even better, it dries in less than a minute! You can clean a brush and start using it again in a minute or not have to worry about waiting for them to dry and put them away and all that hassle.E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner

However, it does have strong perfume scent that eventually fades and I say “however” because I can see how that may deter some people. Personally, I enjoy the the fresh, floral, perfume-y scent. This product is not meant to be your be-all, end-all brush cleaner so don’t expect a deep clean, that’s why they have their Studio Brush Shampoo.

Basically, I highly highly recommend this product especially if you’re like me and only have one brush blush and change up your blush color every day. It is so simple and easy to use and it only costs $3. Gotta love E.L.F.’s prices.

Have you tried the Daily Brush Cleaner?

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