This Week At The Drugstore



Happy Sunday! This week I took a step back and tried not to buy anything, mostly due to a slump. Last weekend was bad, the week didn’t start off any better and occasionally I wonder why I even buy so much makeup; when will I use it all up? Then I realize makeup pulls me out of slumps and there’s a big CVS coupon in my purse that needs to be used.Physicians Formula


The Physicyan’s Formula Shimmer StripsAll-in-1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes was a late night buy last weekend, so late it missed the cut-off for the last Sunday post. This is my first product from this brand and I think I’ve heard KathleenLights praise this so fingers crossed. Personally I feel that Physician’s Formula is expensive for the drugstore, this was $16 after taxes, however CVS usually has a spend-x-amount-get-y-back offers on this brand, so technically I kind of got this for $8.


This week’s special at CVS was $3 back with the purchase of $10 or more on E.L.F. products, and that is where my $8 coupon went. You know, I used to work next door to a CVS and I can’t believe I never paid attention to deals like this!

So I picked up another Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer for $2 because this stuff is amazing and my white one has micro glitters that don’t work for matte shadows. I finally got my hands on their Lip Exfoliator for $3, which I strangely enough have never picked up.


Probably my first Youtube-made-me-buy-it purchase is this Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia, which I really wished had a phonetic spelling  somewhere on there because it drives me absolutely nuts when Youtubers mispronounce it. It was $3 but you probably already knew that.

The last E.L.F. item I picked up was their Eyebrow Kit in Medium for $3. I really need something to manage my eyebrows but don’t want to splurge on Anastasia’s Dipbrow, hopefully this does the job. In the end I spent $11 but with my $8 coupon it was more like $3 and I received another $3 coupon in return. Thank youuu CVS!



And I couldn’t help myself and ordered two more of the BH Cosmetics Floral Duo Blushes for $4 each. On the left is Tulip and Daisy is on the right. In my defense I placed orders for my aunt, who can’t use a computer, and BH was having their free shipping plus a free palette with the purchase of $25 offer. Her order was pushing $50, so I split it into two orders to get two free palettes and added a blush for myself to each order to complete the $25.

It may seem like quite a few things, but after coupons and discounts I really didn’t spend that much! And that’s really what I always try to do, save money especially with my first car payment coming up. Eeek!

Bis gleich!



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