Review | Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer

Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer

You would think that as a die hard baseball fan I would apply the “three strikes and you’re out” rule to more areas of my life, such as makeup. But makeup is something that needs to be tried and tested, observed under a variety of circumstances. Hence why I have put up with this eyeshadow primer for longer than I should have. But no more, and here is why.

I bought the Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer for around €2 at DM months and months ago, when I was in need of an eyeshadow primer and had little knowledge of German makeup brands. This was before I knew just how hit and miss Essence could be.

Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer

I gave this primer months on months to work, to do something but the flaws (super exposed when compared to my new E.L.F. primers) were too much to ignore. Beginning with the color, as seen above. If you want creamy orange opacity in your eyeshadow primer then this is for you. The formula is neither too think nor runny, I’m not sure I can accurately describe it but I think it comes across in the picture. The doe foot applicator deposits a glob onto the eyelid that is more than enough for my two eyes. And even after wiping off excess, spreading, and vain attempts at blending, the orangey hue persists.

stage 3

Here are two Essence eyeshadows swatched over the primer. Every time I used this primer I thought to myself that it couldn’t possibly be so orange, that my memory was exaggerating the saturation, but no. Even on my C4 skin it was orange.

But that can be forgiven if it extends the life and intensity of my eyeshadow. No. The intensity was minimal, average, OK. The longevity well, my eyeshadow did stay on my eyelid just not in place, read creasing. Overall, not even worth my €2.

This is a review that I have been putting off for months and I am pleased that I did so because now I’ve been able to repurchase my beloved E.L.F. eyeshadow primers which blow this one out of the water. I had become content with the Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer, I really had,  but using E.L.F.’s again opened my eyes to what crap I was putting up with.

Proofreading this before posting and wondering: is it obvious I just received my subscription to Vogue and that I am reading a biography of Chanel?

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