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Bath & body Works

As mentioned last week, I am currently on a no-buy to force myself to write more product posts, and I must say I am semi-succeeding. Hence, I saved this post for Sunday, my haul day. Previously I’ve mentioned two body sprays from them and I’m sure that whatever it is that I said does not do justice to my infatuation with this store.

The family that shops together stays together, that is how my family functions. We are always calling each other with: “I have a coupon here” or “I saw a sale there” and “If we both get something it will come out to X percent off!”

Now, if you’ve ever walked into a Bath & Body Works store you know that they usually have a Buy 3 Get 2 Free sale on all signature collection items (which is about 90% of products). Not only that, but almost every time you check out the cashier gives you a coupon for next month. These discounts are just about the only way I can justify to myself a $12.50 body wash and a $14.50 body spray.

Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Wash

I had a coupon that gave me $10 off a $30 purchase which I combined with their sale, and that is how this off-season haul came to be. (“Off-season” because I usually only shop there during their semi-annual sales and I stock pile lotion at 75% off.)

Anywayyy, first ting I picked up was the Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel for my mom. She likes to use these to hand wash some of her blouses, which I find a little strange but mother knows best when it comes to laundry, right?

Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate

During the semi-annual sale I picked up a few body sprays for summer so I picked up the Midnight Pomegranate Body Mist to make the transition from summer to fall. My definition if being an adult is buying matching things so I picked up the matching lotion. That label is just too pretty!

bath & body works sweet cinnamon pumpkin

Speaking of fall…Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. No need for further commentary.

bath & body works car air freshener

Even after all that, this little thing might be my favorite item of the haul. This is a Scent Portable Holder, they come in a variety of styles ranging in price, this one was $6.50. It seemed steep but you buy it once and use it indefinitely. It has a clip on the back that goes on the sun visor and the top screws off to fit the scentportables themselves.

bath & body-4

Which look like this. They’re $3.50 each or 2 for $6 or 4 for $10. Deals on deals on deals. I only bought two, Lavender & Vanilla currently in my car and Sun Drenched Vineyard, and the latter really intrigues me. What does sun drenched even smell like?!

Recap: shower gels & lotions are $12.50 each and body sprays are $14.50 each. However, catch them on one of their many sales (I just checked their website and it’s currently Buy 3 Get 3 Free) and you will never pay full price. And make sure to hold on to your coupons!

What’s your favorite Bath & Body Works scent?

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