Review | E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium

E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Kit

Eyebrows have never been something I slaved over or spent more than a minute on, makeup wise anyway, I could happily spend my evening tweezing and trimming and combing. For the last couple of years I’ve simply been taking a small angled brush to a MAC eyeshadow and using that to fill in my brows. Earlier this month I had a coupon to spend on E.L.F. products and was curious to try their Studio Eyebrow Kit, I couldn’t go wrong with a free product.

The eyebrow kit is part of E.L.F.’s studio line so it comes in the black packaging for $3. It comes in three shades and I chose medium, which looked a tad light for me but dark was almost black. Good prices, low shade range.

On the left is a pigmented wax to define and shape the brows, on the right is setting powder to lock everything in place and mattify the wax. You also get this little double sided brush for the job.

E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Kit

This is the only brush I used for the two or so weeks that I tried this product, and I was not a fan, Not just of the brush but the eyebrow kit as a whole. To be honest, I was always skeptical of the kit even when everyone around me was raving about it.

Following the directions you apply the wax first and then the powder. The pigmented wax created lines that were too harsh for my taste, I like my brows to look defined but not Instagram defined. I also found the wax hard to work with as it didn’t shape and place my brows properly, though that may have been the brush. The powder did tone down the waxy appearance but did nothing about the harsh lines.

E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Kit

Vertical is the powder and the wax is horizontal.

I realize I’m nitpicking and you don’t have to follow the instructions down to a T and that you can use another brush, etc etc. Maybe if I used a spoolie to brush the wax through and a brow comb to  soften the edges I would have taken to it. However, I wanted to test it the way it came and the way I had seen others use it. It is a “kit” after all and I wanted to use it as such. Besides, once I realized I was not liking it I didn’t see the point in trying to make it work, personally, if I had other products I already had and liked.

Also, I have to include that I already have decent brows, neither too thin nor unruly. I can see how someone with thin brows would adore this product, like my aunt to whom I gave my eyebrow kit this weekend.

I think this eyebrow kit is a good example of a product that’s great for some and not for others and why we can’t and shouldn’t fall into the hype of every product. Oh well, it was only $3 and technically free. Opinions? Am I being too harsh?

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4 thoughts on “Review | E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium

  1. I totally agree! I tried this product and always had extremely harsh brows and they melted off in a couple of hours. Also the packaging is cheap and the clear plastic kept falling off!

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