Review | RL de Young Mono Rouge in Rose Wood

RL de Young Mono Rouge Rosewood

Remember when I said I was done playing catch up? Yeah right, self. Besides my Vegas trip, I have been absent due to my new job which gives me a normal 9-5-ish schedule and puts me in the middle of Silicon Valley morning traffic (I live too close to work to take their bus there and not close enough to avoid said traffic, ugh), all of which I am adjusting to. Thankfully I had the foresight to photograph a few products here and there for times like these, like this blush that I bought months ago.

A reminder that RL de Young is Rossmann‘s own brand (a German drugstore, for the new followers) and the sister brand to Rival de Loop. Rossmann’s own brands aren’t ones that I go crazy for, compared to P2 from DM, but after trying their baked highlighter I was curious about their blushes.

RL de Young Mono Rouge Rosewood

Even though it was late spring or early summer I picked up the RL de Young Mono Rouge in the shade 04 Rose Wood, knowing that I would most likely save it for fall. Unfortunately, none of my pictures do it justice and better swatches and photos can be found here. My description would be a rosy mauve, neither matte flat nor glowing. Looking at it closely there is some visible shimmer, not enough to make it a glitter-bomb and just enough to give you more of a satin-y finish.

RL de Young Mono Rouge Rosewood

My swatch appears more peach and rosy than it actually is, attribute it to my sub-par swatching skills or the lighting but make sure to check the link above for a truer color. Whether using a light hand or building it up, to me this is the perfect shade for fall especially for those on-the-go mornings when you couldn’t care to match your makeup to your outfit. Even better is the lasting power. From 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. it stayed put and not just because I sit in an office all day and only get up for coffee or lunch, trust me other blushes don’t survive this sedentary routine.

For only €1.99 you get 4.5g of product, half the price of a Catrice blush and almost the same amount of product. When I’m back in Germany you can bet that I will be trying the other blushes in this line, and you should too.

I will try to devote this weekend to playing catch up, not just “showing off” everything I’ve bought recently (with coupons I swear!) but with product reviews, rants or raves and simply taking photos. There is no excuse given my new job why I should not be posting three times a week like I used to, even if I am getting used to my new role and commuter schedule.

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow!


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