September Ipsy Bag

sept ipsy

Catch up schmash mup, I have decided to not do any catch up posts and instead carry on like normal. What is the point? There is no point in putting my time into posting stuff I’ve bought or received, all the while holding back from writing reviews because I haven’t previously posted that I ever bought that item. Pushing on, my September Ipsy bag arrived last weekend and immediately looked much more promising than the August bag. 

First off is the bag itself and I adore it! It is chic, elegant, radiant, classic, perfect accessory to a cocktail dress. After editing the photos, I realized I didn’t take a picture of the bag itself but I think you will still be able to see what I’m talking about.

September Ipsy Bag

Once I opened the bag, this NYX eyeshadow trio was first to catch my eye. It is an Ipsy exclusive, a fact that makes me even more excited about it, and I read here that it is worth $6.

September Ipsy Bag

Even more exciting for me, and possibly the highlight of the bag, is the City Color City Chic lipstick in the shade Je t’aime. I hear this brand mentioned every now and again on YouTube, unfortunately their products are very hard to come by and mostly only available online, hence I am very excited for this lipstick plus the color looks gorgeous! Retail price is $5.

Below it is the Elizabeth Mott Queen Of The Fill Tinted Eyebrow Gel and this is full size! Alright, the lipstick was also full size but this product being full size is a bigger deal for me. I’ve used it twice so far, I forget I have it, and I like it thus far. Retail price is $20.

September Ipsy Bag

It is, for lack of a better word, funny to receive this First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream because every time I go into Sephora I eye it as part of that five-samples-for-$25 deal, and now I’m getting it for free! Retail price s $6.

September Ipsy Bag

Last and certainly least, I’m mad at it, is this Aceite de Argan (argan oil) from Octavio Molina Hair. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate hair products as my hair needs much held, however this little bottle was leaking ever so slightly causing me to clean every other product in the bag as well as the inside of the bag itself. Just a hassle but I am sure it will redeem itself. Estimated retail price $7.38.

Final estimated price of my September Ipsy bag: $44.38. As I was researching prices and estimated prices for this article it truly hit me the variety of products that Ipsy sends out each month and that almost no bag is identical. That’s why I like to share my bag with you, maybe we both received City Color lipsticks but you received it in the color One Night Stand.

What was in your September bag?

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