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Bath And Body Works

Happy last day of summer ya’ll! Summer is great and all but autumn is by far my favorite season of the four and I’ve been awaiting its arrival since I bought those pumpkin scented body products last month. And I cannot get enough of pumpkin products, I know I am on the pumpkin marketing bandwagon. Hence, although I said I didn’t want to play catch up to simply “show off” my purchases I must share this bucket of autumn with you!

As the title states, this is an actual bucket I came across at the Bath And Body Works store in Caesar’s Palace and it was too good to pass up. With nine products valued at $76.75 and on sale for $35 plus a $10 coupon, how can anyone say no?!

Let’s jump in!

Bath and body works hand soap

Two of the nine items are hand soaps, a Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Gentle Foaming Hand Soap and a Cozy Vanilla Cream Deep Cleansing Hand Soap to be exact. I have never cared for their hand soaps thanks to their price but I just might become a fan (I know I know, they always have sales so they’re not actually so expensive). Each one of these retails for $6.50.

Bath and body works hand sanitizer and hand lotion

I hope my coworkers like these fall scents as much as I do because these two items are already in my purse. The Cozy Vanilla Cream Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel is dangling from my purse and the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Nourishing Hand Cream is somewhere near the bottom of it. The hand sanitizer retails for $1.75, the hand cream for $5, there is no price for the PocketBac holder but I’ll assume it is $3.50.

bath and body works Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

This is the big one, the types of products I always buy, the scent I’m not sure I would have picked up on my own but now adore. The Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte product line, or most os it anyway. This is not the first time I will say this nor the only products I will say this about but these smell like sweet, cozy, comfy autumn. The body wash retails for $12.50, the body lotion for $12.50, and the body mist for $14.

bath and body works marshmallow fireside candle

I am almost done I promise! There are so many great products in this bucket, literally a see-through paint bucket decorated with leaves, and I must say this is the cutest. It is a mini candle in the scent Marshmallow Fireside, its petite size just gets me. lastly, there is a shower sponge for all my autumn shower gels. The candle retails for $4.50 and the sponge for $3.50.

If you did the math, like I just did, you should get a net worth of $70.50 which is $6.25 short of the sticker price on the bucket. Troubling at first however I did only pay $25 plus tax for this fall treasure trove so I am not complaining.

Well? Don’t you want to run out and grab yourself one of these? I haven’t seen this since I bought mine but just days before I bought it, Bath And Body Works had a special that offered something like this for $25-35 with any $25 purchase or something like that, so maybe keep an eye out for that?

How are you getting ready for fall?

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