Review | Garnier Hautklar 3 in 1 Face Wash

Garnier Hautklar 3 in 1

“If you don’t have a good base, you don’t have a good face!” – Jaclyn Hill

If only you knew how long I have been waiting to use that quote, which admittedly sounds harsh but it was in good fun and true.  Face wash is an important part of my daily routine and finding one that suits my needs is not as easy as I wish it was, so when I found this one from Garnier I held on to it until the very last, almost dry drop.

This three in one face wash claims to be a cleanser, a mask, and an exfoliate. I have used a face wash similar to this one from Neutrogena and although I can’t remember much about that one I remembered I liked the three in one function enough to pick up such a product again.

It has been months since I bought this and I think it was around €4-5 at DM. I wish I knew the price in dollars but it looks like I’ll never know because I can’t find this product on American shelves. Really, Garnier?

Garnier Hautklar 3 in 1

The product comes out as a thick, white paste with tiny blue spheres and smells oh so fresh, a combination of eucalyptus and cucumber. And it feels refreshing, the eucalyptus hits your pores like a scent hits your nostrils but you don’t want to leave this on too long or that paste will begin to feel like cement on your face.

On good days, I used this a cleanser for a quick wash. On most days though, I used this as an exfoliate, mainly on my nose to scrub off the tops of those annoying sebaceous filaments. Once in while if I remembered, I used this as mask in the shower.

Garnier Hautklar 3 in 1

I never paid much attention to face washes or scrubs; make my face feel clean and nose feel smooth that’s it. Probably because I am more conscious of my skin, but a while back I noticed a small pimple or two on my jaw line, a place I don’t pay particular attention to when I wash my face. Call it paranoia or simply a coincidence but that led me to believe the in the (as it’s German name implies) skin clearing properties of this face wash (hautklar = clear skin).

I definitely do not struggle with acne and I never have, take that into consideration while digesting this review, so when something does pop up on my face I take notice. Maybe I made a blog post out of nothing, a tiny pimple many would scoff at. Regardless, I really wish this face wash was available in the states, or if it is I would greatly appreciate it if someone pointed it out from among the one hundred other face washes at Target.

What’s your favorite face wash? Now accepting recommendations.

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5 thoughts on “Review | Garnier Hautklar 3 in 1 Face Wash

    • I saw that on Instagram but haven’t been able to read it yet 😦
      The apricot scrub was my go to for years until I found out how damaging it is for the face (my esthetician friends forbid me from using it).
      I’ll read it on my break today!

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      • I mentioned that on my review that the apricot scrub was veryy harsh but then i noticed that it was much more creamier when I purchased it again. I noticed that they have different formulas of the scrub! The “timless skin” one is gentle


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