Review | Dermalogica Clear Start Oil Clearing Matte Moisturizer

Dermalogica Clear Start Oil Clearing Matte Moisturizer

Two years ago one of my co-workers started esthetician school and soon after she would not stop talking about the brand Dermologica. I was curious but not interested in a brand that sounded like the next Proactive. Fast forward to about two months ago when I received a Dermologica sample in my Ipsy bag. The Dermologica Clear Start Oil Clearing Matte Moisturizer really piqued my interest in the brand and it’s claims. Continue reading

Review | Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look Mascara

Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look Mascara

Even though mascara is and has long been my favorite makeup item, I realize I don’t try many of them. When I find one I like I hold on to it until the very last, almost dry, drop. Somehow I picked up this pink tube months ago and I intend to hold onto it until not even the cleverest of internet hacks can prolong its life.  Continue reading

Review | Hikari Lipgloss in Merlot

Hikari Lipgloss Merlot

Let’s talk lipgloss. Let’s take a break from my blush addiction and talk about the Hikari Lipgloss in the shade Merlot, after all it did arrive in my Ipsy bag way back in August. With the weather and the leaves changing, I’ve finally had a chance to wear this lipgloss and make up my mind about it. Continue reading

This Week At The Drugstore + BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics haul

In order to cram in a few more product reviews before doing my October favorites, I have decided to combine two posts into one: my weekly drugstore buys and my latest BH Cosmetics order.  Besides, I didn’t buy much this week and what I did buy I am truly excited about. Continue reading

Review | NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio

NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio

As previously promised, I am finally reviewing the NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio that came in my September Ipsy Glam Bag. It has been a long time since I owned or used NYX eyeshadows and I couldn’t wait to use this, as I recall their older eyeshadow trios were a staple of my  pre-blogging makeup routine. And given my new morning routine, this is quickly inserting itself into it. Continue reading

October Ipsy Glam Bag

October 2015 Ipsy Bag

Yesterday on Instagram I semi-promised to have a review of the NYX eyeshadow trio from last month’s Ipsy bag for today, and speaking of Ipsy I realized I hadn’t posted my bag for this month. So here today I have my Ipsy Glam Bag for the month of October, and frankly I am not that excited about it. Continue reading

Review | E.L.F. Studio Blush Palette in Dark

E.L.F. Blush Palette in Dark

Blush is easily one of my favorite makeup items, my recent makeup count will attest to that, as it allows you to instantly change your look with just a swipe. Easier than eyeshadow, admit it. A dark mauve and you look like autumn, a fresh peachy-pink and you feel like spring, a hot pink and you’re ready to conquer Friday night. Hence blush palettes are becoming my go-to and I go to the E.L.F. Blush Palette most, sort of.

Continue reading

Review | BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Duos

BH Floral Blush Duos

Dear readers, I do hope you’re not tired of reading me rave about products from BH Cosmetics because this is another such post and I just placed another order. Like my previous post, I’ve had these for months and mentioned Daisy in my last favorites post so it’s about time I tell you about these little treasures. Continue reading

Review | BH Cosmetics Wild & Radiant Baked Illuminating & Bronzing Palette

Wild & Radiant - Baked Illuminating & Bronzing Palette

One hundred followers! That is nothing to some of you, who put more time and effort into your blog, but to me that is quite something and rewarding. (It was tempting to reward myself for this but I am constantly buying things so there was no point in enabling myself even further.) Thank you to everyone who follows me and reads my posts, truly!

For today I am finally reviewing this baked palette from BH Cosmetics. I’ve had it for months now, mentioned it in my last favorites post, and with the weather beginning to call for something  more subtle it is time to talk about it or wait until next summer. Continue reading

Review | Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks

Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick

Has it really been nearly two weeks since my last post? Just when life was settling down, the universe threw me a curveball and I’ve been busy trying not to strike out. At least I’ve been using that time to get to know the Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks and put together a collective review of the five that I own. Continue reading