Review | BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Duos

BH Floral Blush Duos

Dear readers, I do hope you’re not tired of reading me rave about products from BH Cosmetics because this is another such post and I just placed another order. Like my previous post, I’ve had these for months and mentioned Daisy in my last favorites post so it’s about time I tell you about these little treasures.

Today I bring you the BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Duos in Rose, Tulip and Daisy. They claim to be blush duos but some of them are blush highlighter duos, and I’m okay with that. They come in five shades/duos of which I own three, with one more on the way.

BH Floral Blush Duos

They come in a compact, cardboard package with a magnetic closure and a small mirror. Carry in your purse at your own risk. Each one is decorated according to its name so Daisy has daisies on it, Rose has roses, and Tulip has tulips.

These are usually $4-6 on the BH Cosmetics website, and occasionally free with purchase. For that price I’m not expecting a stellar product but not a dud either, and I was about right. Because I was relatively new to this brand when I bought these, I did a lot of research before ordering, or at least I tried. When I found a video on these from Emily Noel it was good enough for me. She rated them as average, nothing spectacular and not impressionably long wearing. Overall, not a must have but not a waste of money. For $4 what could I lose?

BH Floral Blush Duos Daisy

First I ordered Daisy, a pastel pink with a champagne-like highlighter. When it comes to pastel products, there is always a risk of chalkiness and lack of pigmentation. Not Daisy. Sure it doesn’t last all day but it’s decently pigmented and I’m not diving in and out of the pan with my brush to get more product. The highlighter steals the show for me though. It is subtle and as natural looking as a highlighter can be, a healthy highlight I’d say.

BH Floral Blush Duos Tulip

Next I ordered Tulip, which I have yet to really use. It has a very pink (can’t think of colors right now) blush and what I initially thought was a bronzer, whatever it is it swatches like a rose gold color. The pink side will probably have to wait until spring but I can see the right pan getting some use this winter.

BH Floral Blush Duos Rose

Lastly I ordered Rose. A hot pink, coral shade with a light pink highlighter. The blush side reminds me of the blush in the Sleek Face Form Kit in Medium, minus the gold flecks, and the highlighter take some work to get real payoff, or mine has a film over it that I need to work through. Very pretty though. As with Tulip, the blush will probably have to wait until spring to get some real use.

BH Floral Blush Duos

From left to right: Daisy, Tulip, Rose. Tulip and Rose swatch a little differently than how they look in pan.

These blushes aren’t extremely pigmented, like another set of blushes I’ll be mentioning soon, but not sheer either. Rather, they are just pigmented enough that they give you color and allow you to build them up and you may need a touch up in a few hours. Lately I’ve been using some blushes that are so pigmented I have to exercise extreme caution not to look like a clown with a big red dot on each cheek, and it makes me appreciate these a little bit more. These make me anxious for spring so I can use them appropriately; autumn I still love you most!

If you’re going to order blushes from BH Cosmetics, buying these wouldn’t hurt. The shades are nice, the packaging is cute, and the price is just right. Don’t buy the twelve pan palette or anything in a black palette, that’s private label and you can find it anywhere including eBay. As mentioned last time, BH has been rolling out a lot of original products lately that are stunning. People always ask how their prices are so low and how are they constantly having sales and if I had to guess it’s because a) they do have a lot of private label items on their website that are cheap and b) because they are a web-based company that doesn’t spend millions on magazine or tv advertising campaigns (for which the bill gets passed on to customers in the price of products) and they’re not paying rent at CVS or Walgreens for half a wall to shelf their products. That’s just my guess 🙂

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