Review | NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio

NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio

As previously promised, I am finally reviewing the NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio that came in my September Ipsy Glam Bag. It has been a long time since I owned or used NYX eyeshadows and I couldn’t wait to use this, as I recall their older eyeshadow trios were a staple of my  pre-blogging makeup routine. And given my new morning routine, this is quickly inserting itself into it.

NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio

I don’t care much for NYX’s packaging, but I found this bow-shaped clasp adorable. A subtle, adorable accent to an otherwise standard case. Anyway…

NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio

This trio was a collaboration between NYX and Ipsy and was designed to give you a day look or a night look, or a day look that can be transformed for a night out. I would say they achieved that. The two shadows on the left can be worn on their own or together, and the black on the right can be used to smoke up your look. And while I wouldn’t say that these shadows are silky smooth or buttery, they’re not horrible either. Sure I find myself using a firmer hand with the brush to pick up product but they aren’t a nightmare to work with. Besides, they last all day long, over my E.L.F. $2 primer of course.

NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio

I am quickly becoming a fan of trios like this because they take all the guesswork, or “the fun”, out of doing my makeup every morning. Coordinating colors are predetermined for me to put on early in the morning, before I’ve had my coffee, when I’m on a time crunch and don’t have time to figure out which crease color goes with which lid color. And these colors can be worn with just about any outfit, even better!

Look, I wake up at 5 a.m. and I’m lucky if I have time for eyeshadow, and when I do I reach for predetermined trios like this. This trio is a big winner for me and I hope many of you are also enjoying it.

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