Review | Hikari Lipgloss in Merlot

Hikari Lipgloss Merlot

Let’s talk lipgloss. Let’s take a break from my blush addiction and talk about the Hikari Lipgloss in the shade Merlot, after all it did arrive in my Ipsy bag way back in August. With the weather and the leaves changing, I’ve finally had a chance to wear this lipgloss and make up my mind about it.

Until the arrival of my first Ipsy bag, I had never heard of this brand. Until this arrived I didn’t know that lipgloss was still even a thing or popular anymore outside of middle school (although admittedly, I was still wearing Victoria’s Secret lipgloss in college). Unfortunately, this color was not suitable for August and I had to wait to wear it unless I wanted to go for the “vampy” look in summer.

Hikari Lipgloss Merlot

The tube is a clear rectangle with a doe foot applicator inside. Standard, nothing revolutionary or gimmicky. Overall, I find nothing about this lipgloss to be extraordinary, though that is not to say I don’t like it.

Given how many freaking bright pink lipsticks I accumulated this summer, it was nice to have something darker in my lipstick drawer. I especially appreciate the color now that I am on the hunt for a dark, maroon red for fall and can’t find one (outside of the department store).

Hikari Lipgloss Merlot

In the swatch it shows more pinky-mauve than the pinky-maroon it is. That or it just shows up differently on my lips, wouldn’t be the first time. The consistency, I found, is a little thick but not uncomfortably thick but easy to work with. You know those lip glosses that stay tacky no matter how many hours you’ve been wearing them? This isn’t like that. Granted most of it comes off on my coffee anyway so I may not be a reliable source on that haha. But the color stays. It doesn’t survive meals, but the color doesn’t leave your lips when the glossy goop comes off.

This is not a gloss that I am constantly retouching or one that makes my lips avoid contact with anything and everything. Thank you Ipsy, this is a winner in my bag. Even though I do like this a lot, I don’t know that I would pay the $13 retail price on the Hikari website. Would you?

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