Review | Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look Mascara

Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look Mascara

Even though mascara is and has long been my favorite makeup item, I realize I don’t try many of them. When I find one I like I hold on to it until the very last, almost dry, drop. Somehow I picked up this pink tube months ago and I intend to hold onto it until not even the cleverest of internet hacks can prolong its life. 

Months and months ago I picked up the Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look Mascara at DM in Germany because 1) I liked the packaging and 2)it was in a BOGO pack for €6-7. It was a strangely thought it impulse because I really wanted it but my research was conflicting but I bought it anyway.

Online reviews portrayed it as one of Manhattan’s better mascaras: plus. The wand was curved with fiber bristles: not a plus. This stayed in my drawer while I used up a few other mascaras and after using and disliking the Essence Get Big Lashes! mascara I started to feel like I had wasted my money.

Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look Mascara

Late last month I finally opened it, scraped off some of the excess, and loved it! Like most mascaras it was wet at first and took some time to get use to and learn to use, and within a week the formula had dried down some and I was getting the hang of it.

Rather than attempting to explain how wonderfully this mascara lives up to its “falsies” name, I will show you.

Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look Mascara

This was the day, the moment, the photo in which I fell in love with this mascara after asking myself if I really wasn’t wearing falsies. I probably took this around 7:30 a.m. and my lashes were going strong at 5 p.m. Incredible.

The reason I am so in love with mascara and the reason I don’t review or try more mascaras is that my eyelashes are stick freaking straight. Unlike some women who can swipe on mascara and look great, I need to put a lot of effort into curling and re-curling my eyelashes and they don’t always survive the day. Hence, when I find a mascara that doesn’t only make them look good but that also holds a curl all day, I am in love and I will repurchase it for as long as I can.

Unfortunately, Manhattan is a European brand (maybe German) and not available here. I have to make this tube last or find a dupe until my next European adventure. But if you can somehow get your hands on this, I say to totally go for it!

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